5 track EP avaliable now

Mr Fletch

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Aug 6, 2009
Essex, England
Hi guys and gals, just to let you all know I've created a bandcamp page, with a 5 track EP on there for download. If you like my music please show your support!

Also, I will be giving away 10 promo codes allowing the free download of the entire EP. If you are interested in this promotion all you have to do is post in this thread telling me why it should be you that gets a free copy? Winners will recieve a code via PM by 20th december (Nice little xmas pressie!)

Link to the EP
Woo! :) Nice one mate!

Said an EP would be good ;)

If you haven't already could you perhaps take a look at my EP? (Link to Bandcamp in sig). There is some stuff on there I haven't actually posted anywhere else so you may enjoy it. It is about 2 months old though and I have been improving lots since then :D

I should get a free promo code because:
The Music is sick. I love it :) I have no job. I am poor. No Money! :( :lol:

Big ups on the EP man, good work. I think Criminality and The Music Come First would have to be my favourites :)
Cheers mate, yeah I'll take a look. Out of curiousity, how do you find bandcamp? I've heard loads about it, but never really ventured over there until last night!

And I will keep you noted on the promo codes
Ummm, thats actually a very good question! (Doing a bit of thinking :lol: ) Basically through the website ultimate guitar, I used to use that forum a bit when I was starting out and making new purchases on amps etc.

I don't know if you know how secondary school works at the moment but at the end of year 11 (The final compulsory year) you go on study leave from about May. Then you don't return to further education (if thats what you choose to do of course) until september. Obviously thats a big gap to fill and whilst I was out with mates a lot I needed something to occupy me on my lazy days! So I started up a Music Review site and a few bands wanted me to check out their stuff and bandcamp was the most common host for all the albums etc. I just remember really liking the layout and ease of use!

Don't do the website anymore though. After study leave my band went seperate ways and I got fed up of writing material without having a drummer to jam with, so now here I am in the producing world!

But yeah my introduction to bandcamp was just through other bands and artists :)
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