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Right finally got some new stuff up....

you can check them here.... http://www.myspace.com/djmarlztah

"Set Me Free"

This one is a Dubby D&B track... sampling both Horace Andy's "Set Me Free" and King Tubby's version of the same track... "Set Me Dub"

I used several breaks in the track, but the two main ones were Blowfly's "Sesame St" and "Funky Mule" by Ike Turners Kings Of Rhythm.

The bass was based on the bassline from Horace Andys track... but played out on FL's 3xOsc (for the sub) and z3ta+ for the saw

Some of the instrumental elements of the track are straight samples, some were copied to new instruments and some were written around the existing stuff by me

"Killing Your Sound"

This is another track along the same lines... again sampling Horace Andy and King Tubby.... The samples come from a track called "A Better Version" Tubbys dub version of Horace Andys "Skylarking"

The main breaks in this one were... Baadermeinhof - Moral Issue, Bannbarra - Shack Up and Buddy Rich - Mercy Mercy Mercy

As before, the bass in this one was based on the bassline in the original, played on 3xOsc

The title comes from the accapella used in the track from Capleton's song of the same name

"Space Trooper 808"

This one is a sci-fi half steppy Hip-Hoppy track (sort of)

Its not structured the same as a normal Hip Hop track... for starters its 8 mins long, with a 2 min long beatless intro. The vocals only occuppy the beggining and end of the track, the middle is instrumental

Based around a preset from z3ta+ called "Space Troopers Theme", which is the very first sound you hear in the track... the other instruments in the track are 3xOsc, EVP73, Cakewalk's S.I. String Section, a French Horn and a Harp

The main beat (and bass) is an 808... made with manipulated samples from Gold Baby's Tape 808 sample pack.... the break that plays now and then is from Barry White's "Im gonna love you a little bit more baby", overdriven and processed a fair bit

The Vocoded vocal is MF Doom's "My Favourite Ladies", Vocoded with FL's Vocoder using a couple of Saw waves from 3xOsc as the carrier..... I spent a long time on the vocal... It was extremely hard getting the sounds I was after with making the words unrecognisable... In the end I split the signal into two, each with slighty different vocoder settings and heavy processed with everything from exciters to throat modeling plugins, I think I may have also mixed in a tiny amount of dry signal... high passed, just to get the transients

The dry Doom vocal plays at the end of the track


This ones a dub steppy affair

Bass as well as other elements were made in z3ta+, other VSTi's used were Sytrus, Magnus Choir, and Wasp

The guitar skanks were made using samples of a Fender Stratocastor, which i got free with CM magazine

Beats were from various sources, all processed independantly then bussed to single channel, compressed with FL's multiband compressor, warmed up a little with Antares Tube and then mangled with dblue's Glitch

"Dirty Hands parts 1 & 2"

Part 1 of this track is Dub, tbh im not sure what part 2 is, you can decide for yourself

This one is in 3/4 time... it started out as 4/4 and then i had the awful task of moving all the notes and beats manually when i changed the timing

The beats were all made from dry acoustic drums, which i treated to plenty of delay and reverb

Theres virtualy no synths in this one, well there is but other than the sub made with 3xOsc, everything else is either a sampled instrument, or an emulation of one.... some of the instruments... Fender Squire Bullet, Fender Stratocastor, Gibson Les Paul, Piano, Melodica, Trumpet, Rhodes Piano (EVP73), B3 Organ (B4), String Section, Harp, Bass Guitar, Flute and a Nyabinghy Drum

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Marlztah, been listening to some of the tracks and there's definitely good stuff here... I will try to give a more in depth review this evening, must leggit now to buy vegetables for tomorrow's roast! :D :D

Also: can I suggest that you also post mp3's not only myspace? Reason for this is simple, five songs are quite a lot of songs to review at once, and I would myself burn a CD to listen in my car and give a much more accurate / in depth review...



long time no speak mate,

absolutely wicked. Ive just got a laptop again so Im starting up myself again.

this stuff is right up my street im glad you finally posted it.

I like the new layout of our blog aswell mate with all the extra bits and that.

btw your fl8 is down and i cant find a decent copy anywhere if you re-up let me know.

take it ez.
Set me Free: Absolutely loved this, each element has got its own space in the mix, nothing stands out as discordant, and the overall feeling is great... IT's like having (and apologies if you do not like the comparisons!, Bob Marley, Manu Chao, moroccan musicians and a wondrous breakbeat all in one). This is a fantastic song!

Space Trooper: how can this be so different from the first song yet so good? The vocoding is (unlike most vocoding fx I've heard), not annoying in the least - even when is so pervasive during the intro! This is a very original song IMHO (but my sources are very limited, my background is classical music!), and it manages to keep the sci-fi theme under control (I tend to hate mainly sci-fi themes where pads are too prevalent)... so youve done a fantastic job according to my books! :D

Killing your Sound: closer to set me free in style, yet distinctive. Your intros are brilliant mate, and this one has got some "Amelie" written into it (magical and - apologies if you are a brit!, French! :D)... Lyrics and voice are great, beat grows in a very organic and non obtrusive manner. Loved it.

Jupiter: not 100% keen on the main kick - personally I would eq down the highs a bit, since in my opinion could lead to tired hearing. But: I am terribly old, so my hearing tends to get saturated much faster that you guys, so again pinch of salt here! :D Unlike the other songs, I am not sure this one is a completed work, and to me it seems like it does not "evolve", but simply "stays". However, maybe this was your intention all along?

Dirty Hands: intro is amazing, and the north african / jamaican feeling is back with a vengeance (there is lots of north african music when I come from that gets mixed with south american music so sometimes it's difficult to separate both sources)... The evolution is strange yet beautiful - if this was a dream, it would be like someone walking in the middle of the Sahara smoking ganja, then being approached by a being of light from another galaxy with tidings of joy...

OVERALL: The fact that I am not normally into this type of music and I managed to really enjoy your tracks and listen to each one of them in depth means (to me at least) that you have done a wonderful job... Congratulations :)


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Really feeling Set me free, Killing your sound, and Jupiter loving the dubby vibes, the production is top notch an I can tell alot of work has gone into them, not to keen on space trooper 808 but thats purely because I'm not to keen on hip hop but again you can tell alot of work has gone into it. Keep up the good work anyway man, cant wait to hear some more stuff by you