5 new 12" vinyls from JungleX

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    5 new 12" vinyls from JungleX
    >>in shops February 2009 <<

    In N.America get them here:
    In Europe, get them here:
    In Russia, get them here:

    Need some help finding your nearest stockist? >> info @ junglex . ca
    JungleXpedtions' 09th 12" vinyl release 2 bangin'
    tunes from Venzuela's Junglista Records crew.

    Zound & Ku drop a stripped-down and rollin' remix of
    "We got the Sound" featuring Candice Cannabis and
    Blanquito Man (Big Mama Industries), while Caracas'
    dubwise don DJ Dubb pulls another gem from his bag:
    "Hollow Earth".

    "We Got the Sound" -
    Zound & Ku Remix

    "Hollow Earth" - DJ

    Royal Crown 04 - featuring Barrington Levy // RCola

    RCola dug deep into the vault's at Cookie's Reggae Shack
    and found a lost gem: Barrington Levy's 1981 6-track 12"
    vinyl "Run Come Ya", produced by Scientist.

    In exchange for his work re-mastering and re-releasing
    this very rare record, Puff Records let him choose a tune
    to remix; unfortunately without split tracks.

    "Lost and Found" was a labour of love for RCola, known
    well for his work re-fixing classic reggae tunes for the
    jungle massive. The remix also features original guitar
    from James Malloch, recorded in RCola's studio.
    The b side is his dubwise touch-up of "Warn Ya".

    "Lost and Found" feat.
    Barrington Levy - RCola

    "Warn Ya" - RCola
    Conscious Rebel Music 02 - featuring Spikey T // Ritual

    Ritual's second release on his self-styled imprint
    Conscious Rebel Music delves deeper into his soulful
    dubwise sound.

    "Far Far Land" features vocals from legendary singer
    Spikey Tee and neck snappin' drums and bass. The
    flipside's "Conscious Dub" pulls a nice long draw on
    the dubwise skank.

    "Far Far Land" feat.
    Spikey Tee - Ritual

    "Conscious Dub" -

    Tricky Tunes 05 - featuring Bongo Chili & Soultrain // Tricky D

    Tricky D, the original "Bassline Provider", has been a
    breakbeat ambassador since the early 90's and is one of
    Berlin's first underground Jungle DJs and Activists.
    His previous vinyl collaborations, with production
    partner Mez, have included trips to Jamaica, Columbia
    and London, UK, as well as catching the world's fastest
    MC on the mic: Daddy Freddy.

    For his 5th release on Tricky Tunes, Tricky D recorded
    Bongo Chili and Soultrain, as they went to head-to-head
    on the A Side's "Badman". The flip shows Tricky D's
    love for remixing as he re-work's Mungos Hi-Fi's
    "Wickidness" featuring Brother Culture.

    "Badman" feat. Bongo
    Chili & Soultrain - Tricky D

    "Wickedness" - Mungo's
    Hi-Fi (Tricky D Remix)

    Sweet Sensi 02 // EZ Sniper vs. DJ Clear

    Up-and-coming imprint outta Toronto, Canada: Sweet Sensi
    Records gets back in the ring, this time leading with
    mash-up soldier EZ Sniper's "Pussy Dead"and label Boss
    DJ Clear holding down the flip with "Beat X"; containing
    classic "I make hits" sample.

    "Pussy Dead" - EZ

    "Beat X" - DJ Clear