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    Easy All

    First of all i would like to apologies for the delay on releases due out on 42TF Recordings which was down to issues out of my hands.

    On the upside I am proud to announce 42tf Recordings is back on the 25th June 2010 @ UKGTunes which is 100% confirmed.

    We are releasing 6 E.P's in the space of 3 weeks from the 25th June.
    The first 3 E.P's will be available on the 25th June these are:



    42tf - Solution - Love Sick E.P
    Cat: 42tf007

    1. My Tears For You
    2. One Last Kiss
    3. Taken
    4. Armageddon


    42tf Presents... 8th Note - I Want You E.P
    Cat: 42tf006

    1. I Want U
    2. Mind Affair
    3. Reach 4 U
    4. What U Say


    The 8th-Ski E.P
    Cat: 42tf005

    Side A: Style
    Side B: Take My Thoughts

    The next E.P's will be released on 1st July.
    These will be:

    Sol-Ski - Project 1 - As Far As I Used To Be
    Cat: 42TF004

    1. As Far As I Used To Be (Original Sol-Ski Mix)
    2. 8th Note - Deeper Groove Dub
    3. Tony H’s - Haunted Remix
    4. Mr Pud - 4x4 Vocal Dub Remix
    5. BriTe's - Future Step Dub


    Aleks Zen - ft. Lulu James - In Your Soul

    1. Aleks Zen - Original Mix
    2. Solution - 4x4 Electric Vocal Dub
    3. 8th Note - 2 Step Vocal Remix
    4. 8th Note - 2 Step Dub Remix
    5. Scott Sharp - 4x4 Vocal Dub Remix

    And finally the last E.P will be released on 8th July.

    King Ring Feat: Sara J -Throw Your Fears Away
    Cat: 42TF001

    1. King Ring – Original Mix
    2. Solution – 4x4 Vocal Dub Remix
    3. Mr Pud – Hands up Bassline Remix
    4. Fuzion - Bassline Remix
    5. Meat & Drink - 2 Step Vocal Remix

    As regard to "Freaky Tonight E.P." will be a free download as of Monday 14th June at 9PM.

    Meat & Drink Feat: Ray Isaac - Freaky Tonight
    Cat: 42TF002
    1. Meat & Drink - Original 2 Step Vocal Mix
    2. Fuzion - Bassline Remix
    3. Scott Sharp - Funky House Remix
    4. Radio Killerz - Head Strong Remix

    42TF is looking for up and coming producers who think they have what is take to get involved with original and remix work. If interested please email me your tracks etc...