Dubstep 40 NI Razor Datsik & Skrillex Style Patches

Hi All,

Hope you enjoyed our Massive Patches! This is just a quick message to let you know that the NEW 2012 Datsik & Skrillex Razor Patches are up in our store. This is a brand new pack containing all the new sounds of 2012. Featuring the best of the best, we throw in some usual Datsik, Skrillex, Rusko, Nero, Funtcase and many more!

Razor is a new innovative softsynth from Native Instruments. This new synth is an absolute monster, the sounds we are getting out of it are mega!

Our new 2012 Datsik & Skrillex Pack is now online and ready for you to grab!

We have taken the advice of our customers and crafted 40 new unique patches that will be the ultimate in sound design and engineering. This pack will be full of wobbles, leads and sub bass patches. We have also thrown in a few reese patches for good measure!

We would also like to take time out to thank everyone for the support. You are the reason we keep producing these fantastic packs!

All New Wobble Pack!

Razor Patches Included In The Pack:
Datsik Lead 1
Datsik Lead 2
Datsik Lead 3
Datsik Lead 4
Datsik Lead 5
Datsik Phase Scream
Datsik Phaser Wobble
Datsik Pitchbend Wobble
Datsik Wobble 1
Datsik Wobble 2
Datsik Wobble 3
Datsik Wobble 4
Datsik Wobble 5
Datsik Wobble 6
Funtcase Wobble 1
Funtcase Wobble 2
Heavy Electro Lead 1
Heavy Electro Lead 2
Nero Lead Synth 1
Nero Lead Synth 2
Nero Wobble Phaser
Nizmo Drone Bass 1
Nizmo Drone Bass 2
Nizmo Heavy Wobble 1
Nizmo Heavy Wobble 2
Nizmo Heavy Wobble 3
Nizmo Heavy Wobble 4
Nizmo Heavy Wobble 5
Nizmo Heavy Wobble 6
Nizmo Trippy Wobble 7
Rusko Dark Bass
Rusko Wobble 1
Skrillex Reese Bass
Skrillex Saw
Skrillex Screamer
Skrillex Vowel Bass
Skrillex Wobble 1
Skrillex Wobble 2
Skrillex Wobble 3
Skrillex Wobble 4

All our patches are quality made with lots of low end and EQ'd just right. Layer a sub under any sound and you will get a clean and crisp response on any size system. Trust me when i say this pack is HEAVY!

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