Dubstep 40 NI Massive 2012 Wobble & Bass Patches


Apr 16, 2011
Hi All,

Hope you enjoyed our Jungle & Bass Patches! This is just a quick post to let you know that the NEW 2012 Wobble Fest Patches are up in our store. This is a brand new pack containing all the new sounds of 2012. Featuring the best of the best, we throw in some usual Datsik, Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, Knife Party, DJ Fresh, DJ Hazard, Serum and many more!

Our new 2012 Wobble Fest Pack is now online and ready for you to grab!

We have taken the advice of our customers and crafted 40 new unique patches that will be the ultimate in sound design and engineering. This pack will be full of low end reeses, leads and sub bass patches. We have also thrown in a few wobble patches for good measure!

We would also like to take time out to thank everyone for the support and just to let you know, we have won the Youtube "Best Director" award 4 times in the last 2 months. You are the reason we keep producing these fantastic packs and we are grateful for everything! We just hope you are enjoying all this sound design work and it is helping shape some future producers!

All New Wobble Pack!

Massive Patches Included In The Pack:

Datsik 2012 Growl
Datsik 2012 Growl 2
Datsik 2012 Naughty Bass
Datsik 2012 Wobble 1
Datsik 2012 Wobble 2
Datsik 2012 Wobble 3
Datsik 2012 Wobble 4
DJ Fresh Heavy Lead
DJ Hazard Nasty Wobble 1
DJ Hazard Nasty Wobble 2
DJ Hazard Nasty Wobble 3
Doctor P Lead 1
Doctor P Lead 2
Doctor P Lead 3
Flux Pavilion Drone Bass 1
Flux Pavilion Drone Bass 2
Flux Pavilion Wobble 1
Flux Pavilion Wobble 2
Flux Pavilion Wobble 3
Kano Grime Lead
Knife Party Wobble 1
Knife Party Wobble 2
Knife Party Wobble 3
Nasty Jump Up Lead 1
Nasty Jump Up Lead 2
Serum Bass 1
Serum Bass 2
Serum Sub 1
Serum Sub 2
Sick Jump Up Sweep
Skrillex 2012 Wobble 1
Skrillex 2012 Wobble 2
Skrillex 2012 Wobble 3
Skrillex 2012 Wobble 4
Skrillex 2012 Yoi 1
Skrillex 2012 Yoi 2
Skrillex Nasty Growl V2
Skrillex Pad 1
Skrillex Sub Bass 1
Skrillex Warped Wobble 1

All our patches are quality made with lots of low end and EQ'd just right. Layer a sub under any sound and you will get a clean and crisp response on any size system. Trust me when i say this pack is HEAVY!

Head over to our shop to pick it up - http://dubstepstore.webs.com/apps/webstore/products/show/2993382


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Feb 6, 2007
northern germany
'' it is helping shape some future producers!''

Yeah people who have no idea how to create their own sounds

moan, moan and moan, sometimes you really sound like a little kid who got his sweets stolen.

you dont have to create your own sounds to be a producer or sell tracks. its more about ideas than sounddesign anyday.

get over it and say thanks for free patches or shut the fuck up.


sam the dnb man

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May 24, 2007
Yeah and then every one sounds the same and there is no originality.

I think presets that come with plug ins are meant to show what synths are capable of but thats about it.
Patches like these are for people who either don't have the ability or are too lazy to create their own sounds.
Yeah I moan about things like this a lot but thats because I don't want there to be loads of music popping up that all sounds the same.

Sound design can make or break a track, you can come up with a very good arrangement and a well written piece of music but if the sounds aren't cutting it then I don't think people will listen to it.
I'm not saying that these sounds are shit, I haven't listened to them but I think people need to make their own sounds.

sam the dnb man

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May 24, 2007
but foremost. people have to make good music. and you dont need to do the sounds on your own to do that. thats my point.

Fair enough.

Although there are people releasing tunes on labels such as subtitles ect that are making tunes that have no musical elements whatsoever but the sounds are pretty good.

What I mean't to say was that people shouldn't use things like this as a basis to create their sounds as these sounds are available to everyone.
What they should do instead is learn the ins and outs of the synths they have and create the sounds from scratch.
It far more rewarding knowing that you have created every sound yourself and that no one else has access to that sound.

However creating sounds is time consuming and can slow down your workflow.


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Feb 6, 2007
northern germany
a piano or a guitar is available to anyone aswell, still not everyone can make a good tune out of those.

theres a reason that there are sounddesigners and actual producers. no need to be good at everything (people have different talents aswell) imo. you dont need to create the bass on your own to be "rewarded" in any sort of way.

imo the highest reward is people dancing to your tune - and believe it or not, they do not for one second think about where you get that noise from, be it sampled from skrillex or handmade in your synth of choice, 99 percent of people just dont care.

and what do you know? maybe nik loves flo so much he passes all his synth presets over...!?

or maybe they even just put a fabfilter on a reece and press randomize till it sounds good (believe it or not, that actually works aswell :D)

so much more to worry about than where did someone get that sound from and has it been recylced? i mean, its not like because you did it on your own that its unique, its unique because it sounds unique, doesnt matter who made it imo etc.

WAAAAAY too much talent thrown away by that "ethic" - cost me about a year to realise that it just doesnt matters - and guess what, my production instantly! increased LOADS!

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