4 Voice "Move / Eternal Spirit" (Fax pic08144)


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Mar 4, 2002
I believe this one is from 1993 but I'm not certain.

4 Voice "Move / Eternal Spirit (Northern mix) / Eternal Spirit (Southern mix)" (Fax pic08144)

This record was written by a man named Pete Namlook. Apparently this guy couldn't make up his mind if he wanted to write slammin' hardcore or gay trance. Unfortuntaly at the end he opted for trance which is all that he wrote after this release (to my knowledge).

"Eternal Spirit (Northern / Southern mix)"
Both of these tunes are hopelessly gay trance tunes which I won't give any more of my time.

This is the jam right here. I first heard this on a Frankie Bones mixtape that I bought at some terrible teeny bopper rave in south jersey. I never knew the name of this one untill Sav (a UK jungle tekno collector that dropped off the planet) posted a clip of it on his website (which no longer exists). I only looked for it once too, when I was in NYC shopping at Sonic Groove (The Frankie Bownes store). It was such a thing of pure luck that I found this one!

The tune starts off with a heavy and I mean HEAVY hoover riff. Never before and since have I heard a hoover riff that sounded so deep and powerfull. The tune then kicks into a heavy 909 beat that builds and builds untill the false breakdown, then again into another false breakdown. Eventually the tune goes into a real breakdown filled with a roaring crowd noise just begging for more intense hardcore hoover action. Right before the beat picks up again the sample "Your not suppose to move him!!!!" plays. Eventually the tune carries you over to another breakdown which consists of some sort of high pitched anologe instrument, this gives the tune a short lived euphoric vibe because then its BANG, back into the mad hoover riff and more appreiciative crowd cheers. All through the tune you can hear a spooky string that fades in and out, simmilar to a sound used latter on in techstep. This tune is totaly mad! It would fit in a set of hard techno or a set of jungle tekno, its quite versitile. I should add that the tempo is quite fast for a hoover tune like this too. My only complaint is the audio quality of the tune is pretty bad, you really have to play with the EQ with this one to keep it from sounding too muddy.

Run off rings: Move side: "Special thanks to DJ Criss for crowd - chill - brian - storm - move - session" info side: "=Produced at sonic studios Frankfort for Namlook Productions ="

I rate this record: 6/10 (loosing points for the gay trance)
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