4 Spankin New Tunes Ready For Your Feedback ! 2 Jump Up, 2 Drumstep!


posting my latest tracks here ready for your feedback, So let me know your thoughts! Comments please, Thankyou.

[Jump Up] ArticalDon & Tripplesix - Mexican Death Kick [Clip]
This tune is a colllab im doing with Tripplesix, This is what we got so far. Been asked by the owner of Why So Rotten Recordings, a dubstep/drum and bass label, if i would like to sign with his label. (Be my first Deal) https://soundcloud.com/articaldon%2Farticaldon-tripplesix-mexican
[Drumstep] ArticalDon - Cybernetic Drumstep (Cybernetic Organism VIP)
This is just a quick VIP of one of my personal favorite tunes.
[Jump Up] ArticalDon & Sponge Bandits - Innocent Death
Made this when i collabed with Sponge Bandits, A heavy Heavy Dubstep producer. This is one of my personal Favorites Tbh. The Bassline made my hair's stand up on the back of my neck when made it lol.
[Drumstep] ArticalDon - Pin Head (HellRaiser)
This is my latest tune, Literally just uploaded it, Took me exactley 22 Hours and 36 Minutes to complete. Feedback on this is more than appreciated! So Feel free to comment!
Please comment and leave feedback, its more than appreciated! any questions please ask!
Thanks, Respect!

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