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Mar 12, 2009
Hello there :)

My name's Chris and I've been checking these forums for quite a while now to get a heads up on any new tunes or to just read some of your opinions. My friend recommended me some Drum n Bass back in 2006, and I haven't looked back since. I love all sorts of music, but there's something about DnB that I simply love. The eclecticism, the vibes, the creativity, the depth, the underground-ness, and..oh yeah..the bass and drums(lol).

I live in America..born here actually. Don't know how many users here are from the states. I live in New Jersey to be specific. Would love to see a show, but I don't think they come around here too often :(

I'm huge on all artists on hospital records. I love liquid funk and in general the more melodic, musical, atmospheric forms of DnB. Not huge on jump up, but I dig all sorts of other styles of Dnb including the meaner stuff such as...


Oh my goodness......

Anywho, I'm also looking to produce good music for people to enjoy..specifically DnB,house,pop and other dancey shizzle, so I'll be checking into the production section for some tips and tricks since I'm a total noob(trying to learn Reason and Fl Studio).

I know this post is way too long so I'll wrap it up. DnB fan for life!(or atleast until all my favorite artists decide to pick up a guitar and pull a pendulum).

Thanks for your time

- V
welcome to the forum :)
where in jersey are you from?
i used to live in nutley, new jersey.
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