3rd out of 4 track done... one more to go...

So, unless you know me, you probably don't know that I'm wokring on a 4 track EP. As the title says, I'm almost done my 3rd song and going onto my forth. I know a lot of you like your soundcloud player, but if you check my myspace page it'll be there. I do have a soundcloud account, I just don't use it as much.

I'd really like some feedback on some of the dubs, they're still vialble to be worked on so it's a possiblity that it could change.

The names might change; as of right now the order is as follows:
1) Time Line
2) Time Shift
3) Time Warp (I know Sub Focus has that track so I might have to change it)
and 4) Time Flex (Upcoming)

Obviosuly none have been signed as of yet, although, with this being an EP... some advice along the lines of signing/releasing would be nice too. Maybe a few labels/lessons on the price range of an amateur would be nice too.

I hope you enjoy them! My latest; Time Warp, is a WIP so don't take it entirely as it is. I'm working on it as I speak and has a louder and more dynamic sound to it.

Thanks for your time and a little spreading of the love would be nice too :)

Steve(Dj Synergex) :rslayer:


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I like it, but the 4 songs look so samey! but still nice tracks, kinda strange to get them. Can't really tell if you're going dark/hard or ambiental. More ambiental though, imo.
Keep on doing it! ;)
They look or sound the same? The names will most probably change over time, not all but some.
Honestly man, almost every EP out there has the same type of music in it, I think sometimes it's jsut better to flow in all directions of the same type of music. Gives it an all-encompassing view of the genre! (And I will admit, I do love my ambience! XD)
Thanks for the review mate! Highly appreciated!
Steve (aka Dj Synergex)