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Jul 10, 2015
Kansas, USA
Recorded this short 42 min mix for Third Degree Bass and thought I'd share it with ya'll.
Direct download

Time Will Tell Ft Structured & Amanda Seal - DBR UK
Ghetto Chemistry Ft Lystone - Adred
Devourer of World - The Untouchables
Sinjek - Fre4knc
Rubicon - Homemade Weapons
Dub King - AMC & DBR UK
Poisoned - Last Life
Mind Control - Homemade Weapons
Fear - Amoss
Axis - Xanadu
Garbage Truck - Hybris
Yoga (Alix Perez club mix) - Sabre
String Section - Mako Ft Villem
Say What You Want Ft Amanda Seal (Cern Remix) - DBR UK

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