3D Mode News March 2005


For those who havent seen it...

3D Mode Newsletter - March 2005.

1. 3D Mode Recs Website Re-Launch this month!
2. 3D Mode Recs update.
3. 3D Mode Limited & Beyond.
4. Telapathik Worldwide Musik Changing Frequency.
5. Other forthcoming releases from 3d mode artists.
6. Selected DJ Dates.
7. Contact Info.


1. 3D Mode Recs Website Re-Launch this month! (www.3dmode.co.uk)

After a short web reconstruction break we can finally announce the 3D Mode Full Website will be back online sometime in March without fail.

The site will be packed with forthcoming, present & past news. Brand new audio section full of releases, dubplates, studio & club mixes from all the crew. Not forgettin the 3D Mode online store stocking everything from cds, vinyl, clothing and even a sneaky test press or two, if you're lucky... www.3dmode.co.uk


2. 3D Mode Recs Update...

Currently in the stores are the filth masters, ‘Cru Memba’ with ‘Hooligan Warning/ Insekt Rmx’ (3dmode08). As always, keepin’ it deep, dark deranged, So if you haven't got a copy yet. What are you waiting for!

Next up for on 3D Mode, which will be the 9th release. We would like to welcome “Muffler” who has been bangin’ out some fine pieces of music over the past few years. These releases came through on labels such as Moving Shadow, Hospital & T.O.V. So you can understand why we had to get him on board the 3D roster for a debut release. The audio for his material is coming soon, so hold tight...


3. 3D Mode Limited & Beyond...

Last year was the beginning of our 3D Mode Ltd Edition Series which recieved alot attention. So we felt it was only right to follow on with the same concept. 3D Mode Ltd Edition returns in 2005. After hours of discussion there was only one person for the job, Skitty! (Metalheadz/Renegade Hardware). And he has definetly done a job on this one.

On the flip Torontos most talented producer by far Stranjah, with plenty of releases and even more forthcoming on various labels he debuts on 3D Mode Ltd. So be prepared to be given a slice of the thug stuff. ‘Rude Drumz’ has been played by all the right people and as soon as this drops you will know all about it!

a. Devize & Three A - 'Lansee (Skitty Rmx)
aa. Stranjah - 'Rude Drumz'

[Promos: April 4th. Full Release: May]

Next up for, 3D Mode Ltd (3dmodeltd03) will be a new artist to the 3d mode camp with a debut track on our Limited Edition series. This will come from, Cardiff's very own, Spex featuring the track ‘Freedom & Peace’ look out for this when it drops. This one is coming real soon.

a. Unknown - Unknown
aa. Spex - 'Freedom & Peace'

[Promos: May 7th. Full Release: June]


4. Telapathik Worldwide Musik Changing Frequency...

We’d like to introduce, Telapathik Worldwide Musik. This is 3D Modes younger sister label and has been brought forward as a stepping stone to give a platform for new talented producers. The first release will be ‘Block Lock Off’ and ‘Night ‘N’ Day’.

a. Cru Memba Feat Devize - 'Block Lock Off'
aa. Devize & Three A - 'Night N Day'

[Promos: April 18th. Full Release: May]

We also have another debut to look forward to in the coming months in the form of Wolverhapmton's very own BBass, one of Midlands's most exciting new producers keepin things deep, dark n nasty for us @ Telapathik W.M so keep your ears close to the underground for more news…


5. Other forthcoming releases from 3D Mode artists...

For the last few months Devize, Three A & Cru Memba have been busy working hard creating more beats for the streets and believe me they’ve been busy! With tunes being rinsed by Grooverider, Fabio, Hype, Flight and L Double things are definetly looking hot this year. Releases Scheduled on Doc Scotts 31 Records, Total Sciences Advanced imprint and mighty Bryan Gee Chronic label. You know ‘The Mode’ haven’t just got one style they enjoy keeping things different to cover all the angles of Drum & Bass.

Devize & Three A - a: Once Again / aa. We Dunno (31 Records)
Devize & Three A - a: Jerk N Stutter / aa. Unknown (Advanced)
Devize & Three A - a: Rok N Roll Feat Mc Biggie / aa. Unknown (Chronic )
Cru Memba & Devize - c. Eyes On Us (Future Widescreen Ep: Horizons Music)


6. Selected DJ Dates

Dj Devize & Three A
11.04.05 - 24.04.05 - CANADA

Not forgetting you can catch Dj Devize's 3D Mode Show on District Fm 99.2 Every Sundays 6pm - 8pm (GMT) as well as online at http://www.districtfm.com

Dj Escape

Not forgetting you can catch Dj Escape's Partyzone Show on District Fm 99.2 Every Sunday 4pm - 6pm (GMT) as well as online at http://www.districtfm.com

To book any of the following artists or anything concerning 3D Mode or Radius label nights please contact: office@3dmode.co.uk

Devize & Three A (3D Mode / Radius) : Dj Hazard (True Playaz / Radius) : Dj Escape (3D Mode / Radius) : Cru Memba (3D Mode) : Spex (3D Mode)
Mc Biggie (Formation / 3D Mode)


7. Contact Info

e: office@3dmode.co.uk
w: www.3dmode.co.uk
t: +44(0)701 702 605