3D Mode Label Update - March 2007

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    1Xtra Gets Deep Dark & Deranged

    Kicking off 2007 showing 3D Mode are more than ready for another year of getting deeper, darker and much more deranged! DJ Devize was appointed to represent, on true grimy form when 1Xtra came to Birmingham. Appearing on DJ Flight's show for an interview Devize let the rest of the nation know what to expect from the Drum n Bass community in the Midlands with regards to partying, record shopping and of course the best kept secret 3D Mode.

    DJ Flight then handed the airways over to the 3 star general to carry out a deadly militant attack dropping pure dub plate bombs. Showcasing 3d mode's deeper and deranged side with fresh and dangerous collaboration from Mc Pm & Acappello. Not letting up for a second until he returned the darker but slightly shaken torch to Flight, who was ready to start the night's proceedings at the Medicine Bar for the Midland stop of the Xtra Bass Tour.

    3D Mode Sessions at Kindy Funky Radio

    First Thursday of the month is all about locking on to the joining of two mighty forces! The 3d mode master of gutter beats Devize teamed with the dark lyrical force of Accapello & PM hosted by the twisted styles of Kindafunky is strictly not for the weak. The first of the year was also Kindafunky master Paul F's birthday so it was only right to smash it starting the year as it means to go on! For those who caught the show, if anyone was recording a copy would be greatly appreciated as the celebrations were in full swing unfortunately the recording wasn't!!!

    Next date 5th April 9pm (21.00 GMT) - 11pm (23.00 GMT) - http://www.kindafunkyradio.com

    The next show is a build up to Friday 6th April when the 3d mode movement goes to Substance @ T5 in Derby. Devize, PM, Accapello joined by Hype, Bangerang Dubz + many more is a night not to be missed so come and show ya support its fo sure going to be a smash! For more event info - http://www.myspace.com/thapaulf

    Telepathik Presents Dee3Dee / Cabbie 4th Quarter

    A change to the plan for the release of this tasty morsel, the 4th quarter will now be released on Telepathik instead of 3D Mode Ltd as scheduled. Both beats from the infamous Dee3Dee and the notorious Cabbie have been smashing up dancefloors, internet radio and anywhere else Devize has dropped it leaving crowds shaken an disturbed but definatley hungry for more.

    A. Dee3Dee - 'Flick Da Switch'
    Flick Da Switch displays the full characteristics of a quality penetrating roller. The intro on this track is soulful and melodic, but don't let this confuse or fool you. As we enter the breakdown then its time to flick da switch, and evolve into the thunderous onslaught. The beats are crisp and sharp like a samurai sword and the baseline is poisonous and sickening like a bite from a deadly cobra. Dee3Dee is on fire with this one fo sure, you need to hear it to believe it.

    AA. Cabbie - Parasite
    Once again we embrace another artist and the newest member to the 3D Mode movement. Can we have a standing ovation for Kool FM's Dj Cabbie aka THC for those that know. This artist is a veteran as far as dedication is concerned, for why it was destined for Cabbie to be part of 3D Mode.

    Parasite is a fine piece of musikal art within a 7 minute time limit. This track is classical unique, not a fad or a trend! Understand that!! From the beginning you get a grimy vibe with the drums and soundscapes alone, but when the bass kicks in that's when Parasite gets disgusting. This is a 100% certified 3D Mode timeless creepy an dark roller piece of production at its best. Expect Nothing Less!!

    Cat #: TELE03 - (Promos Out Apr/May)

    Jerk N Stutter EP & Collaberations

    Whilst putting the finish touches to the Jerk N Stutter EP, Devize has found time to collaborate with a collection of dnb's finest MC's. Mc Accapello being first to step up setting the mic on fire with the mighty Enforcer. Mc Pm being the next with One Time again an exceedingly tasty offering with contagious lyrical power. Then came lyrical dark force from the shadow demons finest, legend Long John and the teacher Bassman. The next the lyrical assassin Juiceman comes with sniper aim for just as much as dark griminess. Keep it locked to 3dmode.co.uk as there are going to be some more of the finest selected Mc's to join Devize for the reign of disgusting beats with sharp lyrical content.

    The new confirmed date for the long awaited Jerk n Stutter EP is early summer; Devize really is unwilling to let that it out of the studio with out it being the perfect blend of gutter grime mixed with twisted baselines. The longer it takes the deeper and deranged it gets so expect to be on red alert when it drops because it will be dangerous to the health.

    Cat #: 3DMODE10 - (Promos out Jul/Aug)

    3D Mode Store Stepping Up The Game

    The 2007 spring/ summer collection was already causing a stir with its unmistakable designs an cheeky one liners but a new feature has been added that steps up the game. With a wide choice of coloured tee's and hoodies you are now able change the colour of the print to create a customised piece of the 3d mode collection. Also hot new designs are featured on 3dmode.co.uk with inspiration drawn from oldskool classics, DJ Hazard beats and of course the 3d mode movement's fresh way of thinking. Also the last chance to own some of the earlier offerings as the old gets to retire to make room for the new big guns of the next generation of 3d mode clothing.

    This summer is all about being deep. Dark and different if you don't know its time to take note and get familiar.

    3D Mode vs. Musik Hertz

    After the mighty battles of 3D Mode vs Stimulus, feisty new coming Musik Hertz is eager to join the competitions. This night is guaranteed to contain the pair slogging it out heavy and hard beat for beat, backed up by lyrical shots being fired overhead by the resident Mc's. The bets are on to see who will triumph. Can the fresh faced Musik Hertz execute their attempt to shake the unbreakable 3D mode??

    Taking place on the 29th April in Evesham an hosted by no other than the mighty Nasty Wayz this will be one night to await an anticipated. This is a clash not to be missed, as anything could happen with these two strong and determing contends!

    More information: http://www.3dmode.co.uk
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    3d mode is cool as shit, i was way into lansee and bromide back when they came out. not too many links that work for me on that site though.