*-* 36htz003 - DJ Vapour "Terminated" B/W Niskala "dive" *-*

Jul 1, 2008


36 hertz recordings

With no time to waste DJ Vapour's 36 hertz recordings returns with the 4th installment


A – DJ Vapour – Terminated - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y8bi8_opd1c
AA – Niskala – Dive - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ47BRXPac0

with dj support from DJ Hype, Randall, Ray Kieth, Bailey, Drumsound, Crissy Criss, and Shy FX (who tried to sign Terminated to Digital soundboy but was to late) the labels 4th release is set to be one of the best yet

Limited promo copies ship to record stores today (16th feb)

full release and mp3s on sale in about 3 weeks

more info www.myspace.com/36hertz

for FULL AUDIO of all of our releases head on over to our youtube channel at:


release schedule:

36htz001 - dj vapour "sting in the tail" B/W hades "the break" - out now

36htz002 - dj vapour "porn of the dead" B/W serum "badboy" - out now

36htz003 - dj madd "to the massive" B/W hades "the break" (serum remix) – out now

36htz004 - dj vapour "terminated" B/W niskala "dive" – on promo

36htz001R - dj vapour "sting in the tail" (cash in on dubstep vip) B/W (noah d dubstep remix) - promos march

36htz005 - dj vapour "paper cuts" B/W dj madd "dancers riddem" - promos april

36htz002R - dj vapour "porn of the dead" (dj madd remix) B/W dj madd "to the massive" (dj vapour remix) - promos may

36htz006 - dj vapour "one inch punch" B/W HLZ "clampdown" - promos june

Keep your eyes peeled for the 36 hertz website coming soon to www.36hertz.com featuring FREE music and a whole load of content and stuff to hurt your ears with
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