36 Hertz Show 036- Kool London - DJ Vapour & Indigo Virus - 36 hertz recordings special

vapour 36 hertz

May 17, 2009
Recording of show 36 of our fortnightly 36 Hertz show AKA "The Best Radio Show In The Galaxy" on the mighty Kool London hosted by DJ Vapour & Indigo Virus Broadcast live on the 5th October 2016

As it is our 36th Show we thought it would be fun to do a 36 Hertz recordings special with picks from the back catalog

Also special treat - Indigo virus world famous chat room shout outs - ON HELIUM!!!


show intro
Callide - Stepback (ft Grooverider)
Lutin - U R Not The 1
DJ Madd - To The Massive
Serum - Badboy
Hades - The Break
Niskala - Dive
Skitty - Jigga
DJ vapour - Step In The Gutter
DJ Vapour - STing In The Tail (Cash in on dubstep VIP)
Bladerunner - Mercenary Dub
HLZ - Clash dub
Callide - Lost In The Dance
Steppa & Kitcha - Romper Stomper
DJ Vapour - Cut Paper
Skitty - For Abstractions
Ricky Force - Flow VIP
Skitty - Sing Off
SR & Digbee - I man
DJ Vapour - Lifes Reality
DJ Hybrid - Down Low
Delphi Productions - Follow me
SR & Digbee - Twisted Love
DJ Hybrid - Nothing Left
NC17 & Nusense - Inferno
DJ Vapour - Anti Gravity
SR & Digbee - Need You
Flat T - Another Way
Jem One - Ghetto System
Delphi Productions - Kill Switch
Callide - Warning
SR & Digbee ft The ragga twins - Real Junglist (SR Remix)
SR & Digbee - Harmony

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Catch the next show on weds 19th Oct at 3pm (UK)

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