36 Hertz Show 019 - Kool London - DJ Vapour & Indigo Virus

vapour 36 hertz

May 17, 2009
Recording of show 019 from our fortnightly 36 Hertz show on the mighty Kool London hosted by DJ Vapour & Indigo Virus


1.Turn Up by DJ Vapour
2.Punch Drunk by DJ Vapour
3.The Break by Hades
4.Monster by Jayline & Meta4
5.Special Request by Rufige Kru
6.Signs (Blu Mar Ten Remix) by Saal
7.Get Busy Crew (Madcap Remix) by Scott & Kieth
8.Jigga by Skitty
9.Our Disease Tera by Breakbeat Era
10.Get Out Nuttah by Sterling Sounds vs Shy Fx
11.Bubblegum Riddim VIP by DJ Vapour
12.Iron Armour VIP by Social Security
13.We Enter by SR
14.Untitled by HLZ
15.Give It To Me by DJ Vapour
16.X Point by Vince Rollin
17.Its a shame by Melinki
18.Square by Sanz
19.West Side Sax by Ed Rush
20.Phantom Force by Digital And Spirit
21.The seventh Samaurai by Photek
22.& Drum Cypha - Thy Father by Skru
23.Broken Plates (Will Miles Remix) by Randall
24.Bad Dreams by Callide
25.Impossible (Serum Remix) by Numa Crew
26.Hopscotch by Roni size & Krust
27.Hangin On by R Monix
28.Untitled by White
29.Universe by Marcus Intalex & ST Files
30.Dubplate States by Jem One
31.The Bells by JOhnny L
32.Rasta Love by Sanz
33.Keep Moving by Ricky Force
34.Feelin Up by Photek
35.Who Runs Tings by MC Juiceman
36.The View by MC DRS

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