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    Ez all,
    before I became a drum & bass head I was spinning trance, hard house, & techno & I have a shit load of vinyl which I would like to shift to someone who can put it to good use.

    The tracks vary in styles but theres alot of classic tuneage which could be added to someones collection or for a newbie to the music world. If anyone is seriously interested then PM me & I can send a full list of the tunes, as you can imagine posting 300 of them is a bit of a lenghty process. Price is to be negogtiated so thinkhard party people

    but here's a taster:
    Disaronno vs DJ Ricky - Feeling Right/BK Remix (Nukleuz)
    Sundissential EP - Various Artists (Tidy Trax)
    Praga Khan - Injected With A Poison - (Nukleuz)
    Weirdo - Im In Touch With Your World Pt2 (Tinrib)
    The Freak & Mac Zimms - Submission/Remix (Quad Communications)
    Push - Universal Nation/Remix (Bonzai)
    Three Drives - Greece 2000 Remixes (Hooj Choons)
    Alien Thing - Nightmare/Remix (Chug & Bump)
    Floorshow - Don't Hold Back/Listen Up (Tripoli Trax)
    OD404 - Bad Mother Fucker/D Funked (Kaktai Records)
    Simon Eve & Alex James - Luna Rock/Check It (Human Trax)
    Eufex & Jay B - Hypnotica/Enjoy It While You Can (Kaktai Records)
    Barabas & OD1 - Bass Drop/Remix (Phonex Uprising)
    Taiko - Silence/Remix(Nukleuz)
    Oberon & Harding - The Key/Possesion (Chug & Bump)
    Harry Diamond - Excite me/Remix (Interflow Records)
    The frantic EP - Various Artists (Hot Potato)
    Commander Tom - Eye Bee M/Remix)
    Pablo Gargango - Vintage/Perpetual Motion (Eve Records)
    DJ Mishka - The Trance Monster EP (Efadrine)
    Cosmosis - Intergalactic LP (Transient Records)
    Nuclear Hyde - Speedlake EP (Noom Records)
    House Hunters - Think About IT (Slick Sluts)