30 Minute, mainly liquid mix I did for a competition

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    Downloads are enabled. I recorded this for a competition, so if you like it, please give me a vote here:


    The winner gets to play at a night here in Vienna, so if you're in the area, come and say hello after my set if I win and I'll buy you a beer!


    1. Bungle - You
    2. Spectrasoul - Buggsy
    3. Bcee - Our Time
    4. Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Makoto Edit)
    5. Utah Jazz - Feeling Inside
    6. J Majik - Spaced Invader
    7. Sonic and Makoto - Tearin' Soul
    8. Danny Byrd ft. Brookes Brothers - Gold Rush
    9. Random Movement - Thick Liquid
    10. Roni Size - Bumbakita
    11. Ed Rush and Optical - Kerbcrawler
    12. London Elektricity - Different Drum (Photek Remix)
    13. Logistics - Inside My Soul
    14. High Contrast - Return of Forever
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