Drum & Bass 30 Min mix by me DJ DRAPIIDZ!!


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ok, so seriously
you can tell you have not been mixing long. the tracklist is a big giveaway

the first mix. well its not a mix, just sort crosses over harshly. its out of sync and not in a correct phrase. drum and bass works in bars of 4 8 16 32 64 - ask darren for tips on how bars work.

crafty - shitfaced - wow, what a track this is. im sad that it exists, its not big or clever, nor does it sound good. anyway, the mix isn't that bad. theres no eq work so when u mixed it the kick is too bass heavy and makes the bass of the previous tune sound rather distorted and muffled. its the same with the next mix.

sorry im out, i cant listen anymore (no offence) and i dont really need to.

if you want to get better i suggest:
learn how and when to place tracks in the mix.
eq - you need to use them. tip 2 bass eq's at 12' is never correct. the rest you will learn from years (and i mean years) of practice
selection - its personal preference at the end of the day but its the most important thing in a mix so give it some thought.

hope that helps


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Not a bad mix dude, just need to tighten up in places and you'll be sweet, good tune selection although a bit heavy for me when im at home listening..
as the guy says above, just keep practising EVERYDAY at least one hour a day, just use the same set of tunes over and over again till you have those 12 tracks tight as f**k!
Once youve got that down try a few other tunes in there and progress..