30-09-09*Bass Traffic & Unjust-Newcastle** feat. Dj Sappo (Advisory/Flex/1xtra)

30-08-09*Bass Traffic & Unjust-Newcastle** feat. Dj Sappo (Advisory/Flex/1xtra)

Sunday 30th August 2009 11.00pm-04.00am
Cosmic Ballroom, Stowell Street, Newcastle.

Room Two (Drum & Bass)

Jointly hosted by....

Bass Traffic & Unjust


Dj Sappo (Radio 1xtra/Intalex/Flex/Advisory)
Halflife (Unjustified/C.S.R.)
Dj Pale (Drumsoul Collective)
Dj id (Bass Traffic)
Pegz (Rollies)
+ mc's PB, Vandetta, Longman

Drinks promos on night including......????? (t.b.c.)
Warm up in...... ???? bar (t.b.c.) queue jumper tickets available from 9.00pm 'til 11.30pm.

Entry fee only £7.00 b4 12 £8 after.

Facebook users!!!
Please join the official new group page for Hardcore/Hard Dance events in Newcastle.


Full Details....
A very special joint venture which has been in the planning for some time.
6 promoters, 1 event, 2 rooms in a quality venue with a top notch sound system.
Big names artists but cheap entry, Bank holiday weekend= PARTY!!!!

The Promoters!

Bass Traffic

The people behind Bass Traffic have been running underground events in Newcastle since 1994.
Most memorable were the nights at Legends, The Telegraph and more notably the Cooperage where they dared to use the 2 rooms to add a Hardcore room to the Drum&Bass one they were known for.
Things are run by Dj id who has also been building his own monster sound system to use at the events.
Id has a 18 year history in the harder scene but fell in love with Drum&Bass in 1996.
He has spent the last 2 years producing a top secret album, you can here some sounds on his myspace.

More Details...


Unjust is the main player in the Preston/North-West area catering for Drum&Bass, darkstep, dubstep, breakcore.
They hold their night @ Coda, Preston, 2 rooms of hardcore madness! And are now hosting nights in Manchester putting on some of the biggest names in the dark scene!
They have launched www.unjustifiedrecords.com with some massive releases coming very soon!!
They are proud of their 'Underground status' and wanna keep it that way, ~They like it haaaarrrd!!!
All we can say is you just have to be there to understand the energy that they bring!!

Residents Dj Halflife and Dj Pale are well known for their no compromise attitude to the harder darker dangerous sounds!!!

Over the last decade Halflife has played some of the biggest clubs in the world and now holds residencies at 5 nights around the UK.
Currently working feverishly in the studio with releases forthcoming on Unjustified and CSR.

DJ Pale is a Veteran of the North West scene having shared the decks with everyone from Ed Rush to Goldie and is known for amazing crowds with precise mixing and heavyweight selection. A junglist through and through, DJ Pale along with long time collaborator MC Longman are founding members of the Drumsoul Collective.

More Details...

The Headliner!

Dj Sappo

DJ Sappo has been mixing since the tender age of 15. Self taught, he was driven by a passion for beats and developed a unique style that would become his trademark.
In 1993 he began producing tracks that would be incorporated into dj sets across the country. With early releases on some of the UK's most respected labels such as Flex and Intalex, influences ranging from Hip Hop to Detroit Techno and streetsoul were revealed. This, together with a deep understanding of technical engineering allowed Sappo to put together some of the most memorable tracks to emerge in the formative years of UK Drum & Bass including Dopeman, Ding Dong Bass and Wheel Up.
Sappo was one of the first producers to use mc's in jungle tracks to huge success and the first to use mc's Trigga, Bassman And Spyda on vinyl!! In 1998 Sappo set up Advisory Records, Over recent years as an artist Sappo has sold over 250000 records, both through his own labels Advisory and Prohibition and on majors such as World Dance, Frontline, Intalex, Formation, Flex, Rinse Out, Reformed, Global Thang, Emotif, V Recordings and many others.
He has played at venues all over the world including the USA, Germany, France, Austria, Sweden and Estonia.
Sappo also hosted his own weekly dnb show with BBC radio 1xtra for 4 years which was known as the only 4hr National dnb show to which he gathered a huge loyal following here in the UK and abroad!!


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