3 stories (mixes): 1 new and 2 old are up


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3 stories (mixes): 1 new and 2 old

To the listners of these 3 stories, thanks to my boy rick he was able to take two of my old tapes and put it into wave format for you to listen to. The new one is a set I just finished recording two weeks ago. To the listeners or promoters if you are interested I will send a copy. Every month I will be posting my new set each with it's own cover.
booking info: djdecay666@hotmail.com
. 219-242-1160
The Devil's Nightmare- This was my first tape that I recorded at the end of 98'. 300 copies were made and over 200 were sold through www.pureacidmixtapes.com in a span of 3 months. never repressed.
Panic beats- Recorded 9 months later. This one came off as a suprise, I recorded this the day after me and my last girlfriend broke up. I got my tax return in the mail that week and was able to press 600 copies. They were never sold to pureacid, they were all handed out to listners and promoters.
Organic Bliss- is a set I just finished 2 weeks ago. This is the first one that I tracked out. I am a tape fanatic, my last cd - The Resurrection of the Devil's Nightmare was in 2 tracks, Side one and a side two.
Organic bliss- 33min
track list
1. Best test 01
2. fugees vs. audio bullies
3. unknown soldier- eclipse
4. keaton and hive - the pleague
5. concord dawn- don't tell me-
6. decon and flex- time is the fire
7. digiteq-your own voice
8. acetate- temporal displacement
9. dylan and facs- bear trap
10. PANACEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


enjoy and thank you.