3 New Vinyl Releases from JUNGLEX - MIR Crew, RCola, Erbalist & Locked

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    JungleXpeditions 08

    JungleXpedtions drops the 8th installment in its Worldwide Jungle Series.

    A-side duties fall on the champion sounds ofthe MIR Crew from Sweden.
    "Children of Dub" draws heavily on the smokey vibes of dub and lights it
    up with a sweet little skank that will make dem girls jump an twist!

    DJ Hose from Slovenia takes care of the flip proper with his jungle refix
    of "Runaway". Already a strong and melodic vocal track, Hose completes
    it nicely with a solid riddim, snappy synth stabs and bouncing drum edits.

    A side : Children of Dub - MIR


    AA side : Runaway - DJ Hose

    Wikkid Riddim 02

    Trans-Global Underground had to happen. They refused to accept that
    dance music had to be '4 to the floor' house. They refused to accept that
    something called 'World Music' ever existed. They slowed down Hip Hop
    and sped up Dub. They sang in whatever language they felt like singing in.
    They were DJs but they played live.

    Their influence is all over the place and they were recently nominated
    for a BBC World Music Award in the Club Global category.

    Their debut album, released by Nation Records in 1993, featured the
    song "Templehead", which was single of the week in Melody Maker
    and played on daytime at BBC's Radio One.

    TGU's 7th 'official' full length: 'Moonshout' is out now in Europe.
    BBC1's DJ Tayo and JungleX boss RCola were commissioned by
    TGU to do remixes of lead track "Dancehall Operator". Their work
    will appear on 12" vinyl as Wikkid Riddim #02 in June 2008.

    A side : Dancehall Operator -

    RCola's Jungle remix

    AA side : Dancehall Operator

    - DJ Tayo's Dub remix

    Humble Recordings 04

    Last, but hardly the least of these three new vinyl's, Humble Recording's
    latest is a vertible dancefloor bomb featuring Juno award-winning reggae
    singer Mikey Dangerous on the A-side scorcher: "Shouldn't War with We".

    After the intro smoke clears Mikey Dangerous rides shot gun over
    Erbalist & Locked's searing switch-ups. His rapid fire vocals approach
    blinding speeds as the heavy artillery drops onto the frontlines.

    This all-Canadian production also features a cameo sample from
    Michael J. Fox in "the Delorian" a bangin' runaway tune on the flipside.

    Once again Humble Recordings comes correct!

    A side : Shouldn't War with We

    feat. Mikey Dangerous - Erbalist & Locked

    AA side : the Delorian -

    Erbalist & Locked

    All three 12" vinyls will be availble direct from
    JungleX.ca (N.America)
    Tricky-tunes.com (Europe)

    and all good retailers through LOAD Media & Toolbox Records