3 new Sustained Digital releases... Brainpain, Sa†an, UnderDark and collaborators

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    We have 3 new Sustained Digital releases for you lucky lucky people.

    SSTDMP3 008
    Russia’s Sa†an has provided us with two brutally chopped up and edited industrial core n bass clangers which severely fuck with your ear drums, never mind dance floors!


    SSTDMP3 009
    UnderDark is another Russian addition to the Sustained roster and this is his first release on Sustained Digital. It features 2 tracks which clearly set out his intentions. His tracks ooze originality and are nicely chopped up with a hardcore jungle ambience. Check them out...


    SSTDMP3 010 ‘Killa Army EP’
    We are very proud to get Brainpain and his gang of collaborators on Sustained Digital. They have concocted 4 tracks which cover various styles of drum n bass but all revert very much to the dark side. Brainpain really is one to watch, his approach to making baselines is inspiring. They are some of the phattest, bass bin shakin bass lines we have heard for a long time. That is what you get when a dub/core step producer makes drum n bass. Savage shit tell ya.


    you can buy these releases along with our back catalogue from...
    https://www.beatport.com/en-US/html...tName=Sustained Records&contextEntityId=12692

    peace out homiez. x