3 NEW RAGGA JuMP UP TuNES / JCity - soundbwoy / gun ting / why dont you

oh yeh .. u will need winRAR to extract the .mp3 file ........
if ppl having trouble opening da ".rar file"... send us a msg and i will put up a direct link to the mp3
Nice one on the soundz..RarZilla is free to DL as well to open up rar files, it's what I use. can get it at download.com....

"Soundbwoy" has that classic bass sound to it for ragga...

The "Gun Ting" clip soundz like it's a nice tune...love the 808 bass workin' among other bass in the tune...plus i like smooth vocals like that...nice little steppa to bounce to..

I liked the energy of the "why don't you" clip...and the 808 bassline in part of that tune..
Really like what I heard of Soundbwoy. Any more? :) Solid bass and it complemented the vocal really well.

Gun ting seemed to have a bit of a crowded mix if you know what I mean? Quite loud and lots of competing frequencies with the drums and hihats.. sounded very 'bright'

Why dont you has the same mastering issues. Really like it your structure from 4:30, vocal has tons of potential..

Nice work!
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the download didn't work for me bro, any chance you could upload the mp3's or on a myspace?
safe man.. ere is a link 2 a youtube vid.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlc2Afg7NFA <------------ Youtube

Plz leave ya comments afta listenin. cheerz
yeah they aren't bad bro but try to be more creative with your drums instead of just using 1 break like in "why dont you"
yea trusay.. i gota add more fills n breaks.. these are jus samples though.. aint had a chance 2 finish em yet...

cheers 4 d advice
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