3 massive dj elski freezefm sets

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    check the last one that new gemma jay tune is massive

    Sunday 02/03/08 10pm-12am - Freeze FM

    download: http://www.uptownrecords.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=272

    1.Do You Mind - Control-S - InCTRL Recording's.
    2.My Destiny - Delinquent ft Kcat Sunship 2 Step Remix's
    3.Sorry Part 2. Feat:Denzee & Danielle.Darren Martin's 2 Step Remix's.
    4.It's Quitz - Sunship - 2.9 Recording's
    5.Unappreciated - Cherish - Sunship Remix's
    6. Club Ayslum
    7.Close To You - Fudge & Izzi
    8. Wearing My Rolex - Wiley - Atlantic/Asylum Records
    9.What's stopping me Feat:Fudge Mr Pud - Mr Pud
    10.It's A London Thing 2008 Remix's - Kronik Records
    11.Tell me Feat:Baby Katie NG
    12.Lose Control. Feat:Kelly Cox's. Tony H Remix's - MRP Records
    13.Look Shook - Qualifide - Qualifide Recoredings
    14.Ruf & Tuff Q Dub Remix's - Qualifide Recordings
    15.Funked - Dj Kane
    16. ?
    17.You Wot - DJ Q - Ministry
    18.Technique - Mr Pud. M.R.P Recording's
    19. Thor 2 Da Floor - Solution.
    20.Move On - David Jordan Wideboys Remix's.
    21.Come On To Me - Todd Edwards - i Recording's
    22.Sorry Part 2. Feat:Denzee & Danielle.Darren Martin's 2 Step Remix's.
    23.Life - Midnight Circus - Damaged Goods
    24.Kebab Riddm - MC Majestic
    25.Angels Cry - i Record's

    monday show 03/03/08

    download: http://www.uptownrecords.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=273

    1.Got Myself Together Feat:Kallaghan. Bump & Flex.
    2.Only You Feat:Godwin. Matt Jam & Face Remix's.
    3.Why? Mis-teeq. Matt Jam & Face Mix.
    4.Sorry Part 2. Feat:Denzee & Danielle.Darren Martin's 2 Step Remix's.
    5.Makin Me Feel. Urban Myth's. Nice & Ripe.
    6.Hurt you so 99. True Stepper's. ICE Cream Recording's.
    7.Heartbroken - Wideboys London Mix.
    8.Your the one - Lickrish Music Feat:Gemma Jay. Stereohype Recording's.
    9.10th Night. Y-Tribe.
    10.Wearing My Rolex - Wiley - Atlantic Records
    11.No Good 4 Me - Oxide & Neutrino Feat:So Solid Crew.
    12.21 Seconds - So Solid Crew. Mr Shabz Remix's.
    13.Flex - Wookie S2S Recording's
    14.Ruff & Tuff. EL-B Remix's - Qualifide Recordings
    15.There you go. Sovereign Remix's.
    16.Straight up. Chante Moore. Sunship Dub.
    17.Booo. Sticky Feat:Miss Dynamite
    18.Never Leave Me Alone - Control-S ft Majestic - InCTRL Recording's.
    19.Do you mind - Control-S - InCTRL Recording's.
    20.Slow hand. Feat: Jayson Torres. The next room mix's
    21.Forever Young Feat:Elisabeth Troy. Mj Cole mix.
    22.Hello There. Mj Cole Remix's. Prolific Recording's.
    23.All for you - Solution Remix's Part 1. 2tuf4u Recording's.
    24.? Todd Edwards. i Record's
    25.Just A Dream - Jaques Bennent - 2tuf4u

    Wed 10am-12pm 05/03/08

    download: http://www.uptownrecords.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=274

    1.Never Leave Me Alone. Control-S. InCTRL Recording's.
    2.Special Groove - Duncan Powell - Solo Recordings
    3.Move - Midnight Circus (Legacy not Ayklogic remix) - Go For The Juggler EP - Stereohype Recordings
    4.Check 1 check 2 - Sunship remix.
    5.You The One - Lickrish Music Feat:Gemma Jay. Stereohype Recording's.
    6.I know You Know - Oxcide ft Spencer
    7.Sorry Part 2. Feat:Denzee & Danielle.Darren Martin's 2 Step Remix's.
    8.I want to no. Elski
    9.Looking Hard - Duncan Powell - True Tiger
    10.Ruff & Tuff. EL-B Remix's - Qualifide Recordings
    11.Wearing My Rolex - Wiley - Atlantic
    12.Come together - Solution.
    13.? - ODM
    14.Runaway - Dirty South Remix - LPU
    15.Move on - David Jordan - Wideboy's Remix's
    16.Come On Girl. Taiocruz Feat:Luciana. Delinquent's Remix's
    17.Ganga Man - Meat & Drink.
    18.Life - Midnight Circus - Damaged Goods
    19.Butterfly - Midnight Circus - Damaged Goods
    20.Do you mind - Control S - Inctrl Recordings
    21.Come on to me. Todd Edward's. i Record's

    Let me know if your feeling the shows. Any feedback welcome.