3 little tunes...

Jul 17, 2003
Chichester UK
Heres a few tunes which have been put together over the last couple of days,with a little tuition from a mate.PLEASE tell me what one u like best. I need hints,tips and lotsa feedback if poss?


  • Tommy Gun.mp3
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  • HappyDayz.mp3
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  • Untitled.mp3
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jay walker

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Jan 15, 2003
between a rock and a hard place, Hants
Tommy Gun is the one to work on - That bass is nice!!! (y)

What you make the bass noise in?

The drums need major attention - you need to beef the kicks an snares up (try layering two different kicks/snares.

I said before about choppin some breaks up, still think its worth trying!

Im on AIM, you on there Steve? :hagglers:


Dec 14, 2003
i can't say they sound bad or anything they just sound really cheesy. for example that happydayz track. i'm sorry. geez. can't give you any uplifting critism on this one dude. sorry!


aka composite.human
Nov 11, 2003
tommy gun---
i like that bassline actually...yeah, the drums need some work...layering is always a good solution (alot of times i layer several drumloops and eq em differently)...the only thing i don't care for is the synth in the background, other than that it's a cool tune...

happy dayz---
didn't like this one at all, sorry...the combination of those synths didn't sound appealing at all...

the untitled one---
the bassline isn't that bad, i think what kills these tunes is those 'gay' (for lack of a better term) synths behind em is what makes em 'cheesy' as someone else said...the bassline itself is pretty cool, just maybe with a different bass sound...that seems to be the problem with these tunes---the actual synths and bass tones (except for the one on tommy gun) sound too cheesy, i don't think it's necesarily the basslines themself, they actually have a true-playaz sort of feel to em...

check out my 'shuffle beat' tune on here---i'm sure some would call it cheese as well...
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