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3 Anonymous DJs

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Feb 21, 2009
Hidden Location In Kent
We are 3 jump up dj's from kent, who at this point wish to remain anonymous. We have recently started experimenting with 4 decks and have started to crack 4 deck mixes, we work off each other to create multiple deck mash up's, smashing together a range of the latest, sickest dnb there is.

We hope to show more people what we do and would like to know what people think of our individual style. Will post a short video of one of our mixes to give people a taste of what we are working on.

The tunes we play are the most up-to-date jump up we can get our hands on, all 3 of our favorite styles combined into one.

The equipment we use:
2 X Pioneer CDJ-800
2 X Denon DNS3000
Numark 5000FX Mixer
Boss BR900CD For Recording.
So wheres the link to this mix??

And 4 CD decks?? theres nothing amazing about doing 4 deck mixes on 4 CD decks really....
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