3 Deck DJ Stand

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    Ez All,

    I'm thinking of changing my deck stand set up to accommodate a third 1210. Looking forward to getting back on the three legged horse.

    I don't really want a solid stand table jobby which I've got at the moment. I've currently rocking the Ikea EXPEDIT book shelf mod thingy on its side but its too small for 3 1210s.

    I want something more something like this: http://www.sefour.com/store/products/dj-stands/x25-cd-stand-xc250-901.html

    All I can only find stands which are suitable for 2 1210s and a couple of CDJS + mixer etc.

    Does anyone know if the top tier stands can support 1210s as well as CDJs? I can seem to find anything online...

    Or any other recommendations would be wicked for similar types of stand. Thanks in advance.