.: (3/28) Tonight on Dirtbox Radio : Inflictz, Abe Froman :.

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    What's up y'all,

    Tonight's time again for another phatty phat Dirtbox Radio. Jerel and I will be joined by guest DJs Abe Froman and Inflictz, both of whom are ace DJs. Inflictz gets down on the evil tech tip, and is a nasty turntablist as well. Abe Froman comes hard with the serious dancefloor chunage and lots of energy. It'll be a good show no doubt, so don't sleep.

    Links and shit:
    128k -
    64k - http://jungletrain.net/64kbps.pls
    24k - http://jungletrain.net/24kbps.pls

    webcam - http://glue.umd.edu/~odjallen/dirtboxradio/webcam.html

    chatroom - http://jungletrain.net/index.php?page=2&subpage=0&color=2

    So yea, see y'all tonight. We roll hard on Jungletrain.net and Destroyer.net every Sunday, from 7pm til 12+am EST. Oh, and it looks like we'll start early this week (it's Daylight savings time in NL already). Archives and photos and shit are up on the site @ www.dirtboxradio.com