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Jan 28, 2011

3D Productions Proudly Presents,

ULTRABASS Featuring: Original Sin & SPL

Original Sin - True Playaz / Ganja Recordings / Breakbeat Kaos / Hospital Recordings / Viper Recordings (Newcastle, United Kingdom)

While some of you may not be 100% familiar with the name Original Sin, all will become clear when you realise that this is the new production alias of none other than Adam Tindall, one half of the undisputed kings of dancefloor drum & bass, G Dub.
Born and bred in Newcastle, Adam was initially drawn to D&B by albums such as the incredible ‘Platinum Breakz’ compilation from the Metalheadz camp, and Grooverider’s legendary ‘Prototype Years’. His love for the music grew and grew until the desire to become more actively involved in the scene took hold and he took up DJing shortly before enrolling himself at Music College.
It was at college that Adam met Jake Carter and the infamous Generation Dub was forged. However, it wasn’t long before the Adam realised that Music College was a pointless pursuit and he decided to quit in order to concentrate fully on making music at home. It wasn’t long before drum & bass legend DJ SS snapped up two of G Dub’s early productions for his Reformed imprint.
The successive deal with DJ Hype & Pascal’s Ganja imprint proved to be the making of the G Dub franchise, as Adam and Jake’s studio let off more anthems than an Olympic Games opening ceremony and tracks such as ‘Tink Ya Bad?’, ‘Warp Speed’ ‘Forever’ and ‘Beast City’ collectively smashed up more dancefloors than a specialist nightclub demolition team.
In early 2008 Adam and Jake parted company and Adam decided to pursue solo avenues under the name Original Sin. The ridiculously heavy ‘Don’t Be Silly’, ‘Cheater Cheater’, ‘D For Danger’ and his remixes of Shy FX’s classic Ebony Dubsters track ‘Rah’ and Rufige Kru’s ‘Monkey Boy’ have gone a long way to stamping his individual mark on the Drum & Bass scene.
Original Sin shows no signs of slowing down, though, as Adam prepares to drop the huge ‘Dr Feels Good’ EP on Playaz, showcasing a completely refined and mature sound which is as deadly on the dancefloor as it is on the radio.

SPL - Hollow Point Recordings / Lost Souls Recordings / Amorphous Music / Play Me Records / Subway Records (Portland, Oregon)

SPL aka Sam Pool has spent the last decade taking risks and breaking the mold in electronic music. Received internationally, SPL feeds the ears and souls of bassheads worldwide. From thousands of screaming fans in St. Petersburg and Kiev arenas, to massive club nights in Holland and New Zealand, to stateside venues from the east to west coast, SPL delivers with passion and musical prowess that goes beyond the current state of dance music. Because of his international experiences and influences, SPL has launched into new territories time and time again.

SPL’s most recent approach forays into the depths of dub-hop infused hyper-bass music. Combining elements from the pulse of an all-night party and a healthy dose of Trap-Star Crunk, a unique and highly energetic experience emerges every time SPL gets on the decks. For those who cannot wait for a show, the same sound and intensity can be found in his recent track “Back at It” or his massive remix of Bassnectar's "Bass Head". Either way, SPL is bound to take your head on an intergalactic-bass journey, and leave you begging for more

Featuring 2 Rooms of Music with Local Support From:

DUBSTEP LEGION OF DOOM - Dirtbox | Dubstep
B-RICE - Slow Kids | Dubstep

$10 Early-Bird Tickets Available For A Limited Time
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911 F ST NW


9:00 PM - 2:0? AM


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