2x D&B/dubstep/heavy beat mash mixes, Hard vs Chilled

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    OK, they aint strikkly d&b only, but having been a d&b DJ for over a decade, i kinda figured that peeps here might not hate the flavour of the non-d&b beats too much... These are a couple of 80 minute mixes done recently for Adelaide Massive audio section http://www.adelaidemassive.com/index.php?topic=2521 (Adelaide, Aus DnB forums) for this month, theyre a mixture of d&b/dubstep/triphop/dub, 2 different mixes, one harder, one very chilled. All kinda d&b/bass/broken beat friendly tho.

    Big ups the guys who supplied me with teh ekskloosiv beats :D
    bio and shit at the bottom goes with the mix online AM, included here so i could make sure credit goes where credit was due.

    mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=O8YZ7NZD

    1. D-Formed – Beyond perspectives [Bass Corrupt]
    2. Boot – Viscous 2 [dub]
    3. Youthman – Vampire kitten [dub]
    4. Rummage – First world [dub]
    5. Obeah – Noise for ohoi [Kraken]
    6. Uncle Sam – Round the world girls, Tes La Rok rmx [Argon]
    7. Monsta - Eat your fuckin dinner [Subtrakt]
    8. Thesis – Hinge [dub]
    9. RSD – Jah way [Punch Drunk]
    10. Kromestar – Ghost town [Fantastic 3]
    11. Roxy & ElB – 2 bad [Ghost]
    12. Benga – Tech wobbler [Tempa]
    13. ?? - ?? [dub]
    14. Numa Crew – Dema style [Elastica]
    15. Itchy Robot – Raw [10 bag]
    16. Caspa & The Others – Well ‘ard [Sub Soldiers]
    17. Biome – Turkish delight [dub]
    18. Skream – Midnight request line / Zinc rmx [Tempa/Bingo]
    19. Amit feat. Outrage – Unholy [Commercial Suicide]
    20. Breakage - Morning star [Bassbin]
    21. Digital – Quickdraw [Phantom Audio]
    22. Amon Tobin – Proper hoodidge [Ninja tune]
    23. Fanu –When gods wake up [Vibez]
    24. Lynx – Disco dodo [Creative Source]
    25. Commix – Talk to frank [Metalheadz]
    26. Kubik & Lomax – Dreaming of dub [Deep Kut]
    27. Prolific – Migration [Crunch]
    28. Ercola & Silent Witness – Pick up [DNA]
    29. Dillinja – Expansions [VLV]
    30. DJ Flash – Pulp fiction [Urban Gorilla]
    31. Equinox – Do you understand me? [Planet Mu]
    32. Fanu – I play it cooler [Subtle Audio]
    33. Mutt – Dublites, Outrage rmx [Progress Ltd.]
    34. Alpha Omega – Marksmen [Soothsayer]
    35. Tech Itch feat. Jakes – Pressure drop [Penetration]

    mirror: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=BQTM95LZ

    1. Untold – Test signal [Hessle Audio]
    2. Peverelist – Roll with the punches [Punch Drunk]
    3. Flippo – Rain [Pressing Issues]
    4. Rummage – Ancient lands [dub]
    5. Western Synthetics – Engine No999 [Forthcoming Sub Continental Dub]
    6. Reso – Namida [Urban Graffiti]
    7. Well Being – Catharsis [dub]
    8. Spherix – Dub chemistry [Sub Continental Dub]
    9. 2562 – Moog dub [Tectonic]
    10. Pinch – Gangstaz [Tectonic]
    11. Martyn – Broken [Revolver]
    12. The Bird – Dub samurai dub [Creative Vibes]
    13. Boards of Canada – 1969 [Warp]
    14. King Tubby – Dub to the rescue [Blood & Fire]
    15. Sheriff Lindo – Yout dem a suffa [Creative Vibes]
    16. Happy Campers – No mind [Ninja tune]
    17. Funky Porcini – The great driveby [Ninja tune]
    18. Bowery Electric – Beat [Kranky]
    19. Dabrye – Hyped up plus tax rmx [Ghostly]
    20. Leftfield – Original [liberation]
    21. Biosense – State of mind [Beechwood]
    22. Fanu – Dreams are like water [Vibez]
    23. Amon Tobin – Yasawas [Ninja Tune]
    24. Alphawezen – Frost [Mole…]
    25. Skanna – Find me [React]
    26. LTJ Bukem – Coolin out [Good Looking]
    27. Chameleon – Links [Good Looking]
    28. Well Being – Smoke signal [Fokuz]
    29. Roots Manuva – Movements [Ninja tune]


    Whatever genre, Jayar’s sound is simply broken beats and heavyweight bass: Having DJ’ed d&b for a decade with dabbles in hard breaks, beats & old school funk, his foray into dubstep carries notable jungle/d&b flavours. With fellow long-time Adelaide beat+bass heads Macro & Bennie Raw, The Redline Dubstars have been promoting dubstep parties including colabs for Adelaide’s first internationals Benga & Caspa, SPL & Youthman and Jayar also co-hosts Adelaide's dubstep radio show 'The Bassbin' (DJ Skippy bringing the UKG) Thursday nights 10-12 on Fresh FM.

    Jayar’s played over 100 shows including club supports for Fabio, Bukem, Marky, Loefah, Distance, Amon Tobin, Kid Koala, Scratch Perverts & Krafty Kuts to name a few, promoted d&b/breaks shows feat. Cut-la-Roc & DJ Motive + 3-room anti-war benefit 'Peacebeats', been played three times on Triple J's "The Club" (National Oz radio), countless local events including Inbound, Enchanted and the Fringe Festival plus regular eclectic beats/d&b/dub/funk sets at the Sceptre.

    These two contrasting mixes are beaty bassy trips through d&b, dubstep, beats, triphop & dub, with a heavier energetic warm-up mix; Saturday night, and a deep ultra-chilled session; Sunday morning, both featuring dubs from numerous Australian producers including Adelaide’s own Well Being and Rummage... So switch your sub on, crank up the bass and enjoy!


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