In Fine Nights presents Hatch @ Area July 17th

Alrite guys, tonight's the night so just a more in depth reminder of all the action to come -

We got a BIG mix of styles on the cards, Square Wave is going to kick off the night with The Nasha Experience's quality blend of Western beats with Eastern sounds along with his own vibes >>>

then G Double brings a more soulful take on Dubstep to the decks... but that doesn't mean it won't get a bit grimey >>>

A change of pace with Lenzman at 12 as he drops the liquid dnb, but we keep with the soulful theme as we all know the beauty of the tunes this man makes >>>

Randomer at 1 then throws us into the dark, tribal side of the scene. Expect the unexpected with original beats that combine dubstep and dnb sounds >>>

Data follows with only the best of what we've come to expect from the Metalheadz crew. His style is clean, techy and subtly dark - these are beats that make you want to jump up without the need of tacky basslines and bait drops >>>

Osmani Soundz then takes up the reigns for The Nasha Experience with his own particular style - a heavey fusion of rolling dnb and dubstep. This is one set that'll take you on a journey. Again we'll be feeling some Eastern vibes as well as some classics, and I know he's been itching to play some massive tunes he's got in store >>>

The last two hours we'll be hearing from the Swagger boys. You know it's got to be something special as Slugz & Boyson take to the booth with 3 decks, banging out some dark and dangerous dubstep...

You don't want to miss out on any of these sets, and if you are in the first 100 to arrive remember you will be getting your hands on a FREE & EXCLUSIVE Nasha mix CD.

Only £6 for students, I know some of you have sent in for concession guestlist so no big queues for you... and no matter what it's going be under a tenner for everyone.

It's only half the club we're using so it's an intimate gig and therefore obviously limited space....

like I said don't miss out and I hope to see you there!

check our website at www.infinenights.co.uk