2nd dnb song needs some critique.


second 2nb track i've started. i'd like some ideas on how to slightly fatten/awesome-ize the drums. the snare sample is one i made from a few layers myself, and i've spent a ges EQing and effecting the kick and hi hats. they sound alright at the moment. there's a reverse kick in there at some points. the little fill is a shit-tonne of random snares and toms all spammed in together, sounds better than it looks believe me. was my first shot at making a fill, don't know how it's usually done, just threw in all the samples together.

the other part is the drop after the sampled guitar. i'm trying to aim for something like perez does in his songs and some spectrasoul songs. kind of filtered down and subtle but with a fair bit of movement. the way it is now is actually growing on me though.