!!! 2lb Tekno !!!

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    Jan 23, 2007
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    This Saturday 27th Jan at Flo (formely The Edge 129 Lower Parliment Street, Notts) see's the birth of a spankingly new night - 2lb tekno! Its open from 10 til late and is gonna cost u, yep - u guessed it, £2 (clever isnt it?)

    Sound by PF Audio
    Decor by Aunty Audrey + Co

    Downstairs - 2lb Tekno

    Filthy Dave
    Sodnpoo (Psycle / 2lb Tekno)
    Tinitus (Wibble)
    Filthy Dom (Pure Filth)

    Upstairs - The Laughing Room

    Pinch Penny
    DJ Fingerflaps
    The Bill Payer
    Captin Corset

    C u there...