2DB - 'Pickpocket/Killer' (Grid)


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Mar 21, 2002
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"Pickpocket/Killer" - 2DB (Grid)

Simon Bassline Smith serves up the latest offering on Twisted Individuals 'Grid' label, and quite a tasty piece it is too!
As with most Bassline Smith tunes, 'Pickpocket' starts off with steppy breaks and chopped up samples, creating atmosphere and anticipation for the upcoming breakdown. Soon enough and the beats give way to a waspy tech riff, which continues to build the atmosphere and then when the rewind signals the drop, its all over! In come the breaks, layered with a proper wobbly bassline, which glide aimlessly along with the same choppy riff, making this a surefire dancefloor pleaser.
Flip for the equally decent 'Killer', and more of the same. Similar breaks to 'Pickpocket' get things underway nicely, until your hypnotised with a 'Lazor Razor'-esque hook. Marching beats and a rollin b-line work the drop well, giving extra impact to the already heavy riff. A breakdown halfway through gives you time to catch your breath, before the bass come cutting back in, with extra 'Killer' samples thrown in for good measure.
All in all, a worthwhile 12". Both sides work well Im looking forward to trying them both out live. Good to see Twisted's got a good ear for music as well as a talent for producing it!
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