28 October, 2010 - The Pond - DJ Willie Ross


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Dec 23, 2005
Based in Brooklyn, NY, The Pond is a live broadcast heard on jungletrain.net
every Thursday evening @ 6:30pm EST (GMT -4).

Tune in:

Tonight's guest is the one and only...

DJ Willie Ross

DJ Willie Ross aka Rich Olstrom. Focusing on the rolling
sound of DnB, Ross delivers properly every time he steps to
the decks. On the dime timing is the name of this guy's game.
Big bass drops & flawless mixing is what's expected when he's
on the lineup. With releases such as "NY Crunk N Bass",
"Soundbwoy Killa", and "Yeah Bitch", there is never a dull
moment when Ross controls the dance floor. Check out his
trip hop release dub "Mrs. Millers House" on the Agriculture
record label based out of Brooklyn, NY. With over 12 years
behind the 1 & 2s, there is a reason why he smashes it
every time. Dedication to the Drum'n'Bass/Jungle sound,
playing strictly vinyl records. "I have created a sound over
the years during my record collecting, and that's what you
will hear when I play. It's my trademark sound. I keep it

Look for this badman to hit the decks around 8pm EST (GMT -4).


Click here for the station's current live broadcast schedule.
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