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Mar 6, 2009

I'm going to bump the thread PRETTY WOMANPART 15INT. BROKERAGE HOUSE - DAYEdward is walking down the hall. Stuckey comes out of theoffice and calls after him.STUCKEY(calls)Edward, what happened? What kindof move was that?Edward silently goes into the elevators. The doors close.STUCKEY(yells)Dammit Edward, speak to me.Stuckey heads back to the conference room.EXT. OFFICE BUILDING - LATE AFTERNOONEdward comes out of the building. His Chauffeur leaps to openthe limo door.EDWARDNo... take the car back to thehotel. I need to walk.He sets off across Century Park East.INT. PENTHOUSE - EVENINGVivian is in the living room, pacing, edgy, the doorbell rings.She turns. It rings again.She opens it. Stuckey is standing outside with a smallbriefcase. He looks agitated. He tries to hide it.STUCKEYWell, well... Hello again. I'mlooking for Edward.Vivian just stares at him.VIVIANEdward's not back. I thoughthe was with you.Stuckey walks past her and down the steps into the living room.STUCKEYNo, I'll just have to wait then,won't I?There is a bar set up. Stuckey sets his briefcase down. Hecrosses to the bar.STUCKEY (cont'd)Mind if I have a drink?VIVIANNo.He pours liquor in a glass. He fires it down. It seems tocalm him a bit.STUCKEYDo you want to know what he did?Do you want to know what the crazyson of a bitch did? He handedthe whole thing back to Kross!On a silver platter. For noreason! What was he thinking,I mean, what was going throughhis goddam head? Why?(pours another drink)What was all that benevolentcrap? What are we going tobecome, a philanthropicfoundation? I'll probably be thedirector of several worthwhilecharities.VIVIANI think it's great.Stuckey glares at Vivian.STUCKEYI bet. A lousy whore and you'rethe gum in a hundred milliondollar deal.VIVIAN(mocking)Aw, come on, Bill. It's justbusiness.He looks at her a moment.STUCKEYBut what do I know, maybe you'reworth it. Come on, show me.Let's see your act.He grabs her wrist.VIVIANGet out!STUCKEYDon't worry. I'll pay for it.What a you charge? Huh? Twenty,thirty, fifty bucks, maybe? Areyou a fifty dollar whore?He tries to kiss her and pulls her down on the couch on topof him.VIVIANAre you crazy?She bites his hand. Stuckey slaps her. Vivian starts flailingback. But Stuckey is too strong. Vivian staggers back at theforce of another slap. Stuckey slams her up against a wall andstarts rubbing up against her.STUCKEYYou got a mean streak in you,don't you.He tries to kiss her again.STUCKEY (cont'd)Is that what he likes about you?Huh? Answer me!And suddenly a HAND lands on Stuckey's shoulder. Stuckey turnshis head, startled.INT. PENTHOUSE - REVERSE ANGLE - STUCKEY'S P.O.V.Edward, murder in his eyes, belts Stuckey across the room.INT. PENTHOUSE - NIGHT - BACK TO SCENEStuckey falls on the ground. Edward rushes forward, berserkwith rage, to hit Stuckey again. His fist hits the top ofStuckey's head, hurting Edward's hand more than Stuckey's skull.Vivian rushes out of room to bathroom. Again Stuckey triesto rise. Edward kicks him in the butt, sends him headfirst intothe bar. Glasses and bottles CRASH to the floor. Stuckey againtries to rise. And collapses. Edward rubs his fist. They'renot used to this violence and both stare at each other panting.STUCKEYYou broke my nose.EDWARDI think I broke my hand.(a beat)You're fired.STUCKEYEdward, we've been together tenyears.EDWARDAnd I don't like what we'vebecome. I'll cover any lossesyou have on this one. Now getout, you asshole!STUCKEYAll this because of that whore!EDWARDYes.Edward pushes Stuckey out the door and throws his briefcaseafter him.STUCKEYEdward, think about what you're--Edward slams the door in his face. Edward stands there,reflecting on what he's done.EDWARD(to himself, almost proud)Well, I didn't plan that!INT. PENTHOUSE BEDROOM - NIGHT - LATEREdward holds an icepack to Vivian's cheek.VIVIANWhy do guys always know how tohit a woman? Right across thecheek, wham, so it feels like youreye is gonna explode. What dothey do, take you all aside inhigh school and show you how?It pisses me off!EDWARDNot all men hit. And no one isgoing to hit you anymore.VIVIANRight.(softening)You're quite the Sir Galahadtoday, aren't ya'?(a beat)I heard what you did with Kross.EDWARDIt was a business decision.Vivian looks at him.EDWARDI got tired of hating my father.VIVIAN(a small smile)It was good.EDWARDIt felt good.Edward looks on the bed at her suitcases.EDWARDYou're packing.VIVIAN(nods)I'm leaving.(a moment)Don't ya see? If I stay withyou like you want me to, there'llalways be some guy, your friendseve, treatin' me like that...thinkin' they're allowed to. Whatare you gonna do, fight'm all?No. I'll take my money now,please.A moment. Edward reaches for his wallet. He counts out bills.He places them in Vivian's suitcase. He puts his arms aroundVivian.VIVIANAw, don't... no...EDWARDStay with me tonight. Notbecause you're being paid to.Stay with me because you want to.VIVIANI do. I do want to. That's whyI'm leaving.(turning to him)That's what you given me, see?I know what I want now. I wanta guy like you for real. Notbecause you buy me things and giveme money. The nicest thing youever done for me is hold my hand.You gonna give me that?Edward is silent.VIVIANI didn't think so.EDWARDVivian...VIVIANIt's not your fault. You'reright. Kit's right.(looks him right in the eye)But I want the fairy tale.INT. HOTEL LOBBY - EVENINGVivian comes out of the elevators. A BELLMAN sees her andsprings forward, reaching for her bags.BELLMANLet me take those, miss.VIVIANThanks.Vivian sees Mr. Thomas behind the front desk.VIVIANI'll be out front in a minute.I got a cab comin'.The bellman moves away. Vivian walks to the front desk.VIVIANHi, Barney!MR. THOMAS(looking up)Miss Vivian.VIVIANLook I just wanted to saygoodbye.MR. THOMASMr. Harris doesn't check outuntil tomorrow.VIVIANYeah, well, I check out today.MR. THOMASYou're not accompanying him toNew York?VIVIAN(lightly)Come on, Barney, you and me livein the real world.(a beat)You don't know how to treat a girllike anything but a lady, Mr.Thomas.MR. THOMASCertain ladies make that veryeasy... Vivian.(turning to the desk clerk)John, call a limousine for ourguest, please. Have it take heranywhere she wishes to go. Billthe hotel.(turning back to Vivian)See you again sometime soon.Vivian smiles softly at him. She turns and walks for the door.   Most of us take life for granted. We know that one day we must die, but usually we picture that day as far in the future, when we are in buoyant health, death is all but unimaginable. We seldom think of it. wow gold, The days stretch out in an endless vista. So we go about our petty task, hardly aware of our listless attitude towards life.  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