Event 27/10: dollop launch at Heaven w/ Untold, Falty DL and more

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    Wednesday 27th October

    Under The Arches
    Villiers Street

    The Invisible - Live
    Walls - Live
    Falty DL
    dollop DJ's

    Room 2 hosted by:
    Work It!

    £4 early tickets available here:


    Over the past six years dollop have earned a reputation as progressive and pioneering promoters, their forward thinking attitude and innovative approach to events having set the current tempo for East London’s switched-on set. With the East conquered, dollop set their sites on Central and join forces with Heaven; a venue that’s challenged convention consistently for the last three decades and in doing so become one of the Capital’s best loved clubs.

    A new monthly residency will see dollop bringing the UK’s brightest and bravest talents to their new home in Charing Cross. The programming will make a point of pairing up bands and DJ’s whose prescribed genres mightn’t suggest an immediate symmetry, but whose unwavering commitment to pushing things forwards makes them inadvertent allies.

    Setting the agenda for this exciting new tenure, the inaugural event features a host of ingenious music makers from right across the
    board. Mercury Prize nominees The Invisible will top the bill, whilst sonic adventurers Walls also perform live. Representing modern Dance music at its most vital are guest DJ’s Untold and Falty DL, who’ll take the event on in to the small hours alongside dollop’s own residents. Away from the main stage, R&B revivalists Work It will bring their inimitable style and fashion to the proceedings, presenting a party of their own.

    There will also be a carefully curated series of unannounced events and installation; none of which will be publicised beforehand, but all of which will add to the experiential quality of this unique residency. These instantaneous happenings will see artists from across the spectrum and likeminded promoters from across the globe all getting involved and helping dollop transform Heaven into something visually unique. The only way to find out about this part of the party is to join in and, more importantly, explore.

    The first dollop party took place in Nottingham in 2003. Since then the ever-increasing co-operative have been involved in a huge array of events, from warehouses in London to hotels in Shanghai. This latest project opens a promising new chapter for dollop, who will do everything they can to bring their passion for idiosyncratic events to a whole new audience.

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