26-03-04 Planet Jungle @ Azijnfabriek, Roermond - BARON (UK)


Jan 16, 2004
Planet Jungle @ Azijnfabriek


This time we got the young dj and a blinding producer, BARON behind the decks. Baron is probably one of the best new talents on the drum 'n bass scene today! Being a hiphop/breakbeat head for some years, the dj-career of Piers "Baron" Bailey started with a residency at the renowned Source night at The Zodiac in Oxford, UK. From there, dj-bookings came in from all over the country. Eventually he started handling the drum 'n bass imports at Massive Records where he got to know Quiff and Smith of Total Science. They encouraged him to get into producing his own tunes, first at the TS studio, lateron using his own equipment. "Second Nature" was the first tune he finished (in 6 hours) and it got him a straight up release on Digital's L Plates imprint! From there things started running. Baron received dubplate support for his productions from people like Lee, Total Science, Digital & Klute, resulting in a heavy release schedule for labels like L Plates, Outbreak LTD, Commercial Suicide, Advanced, CIA, Renegade Hardware, TOV, Subtronix, Access Phuturo and his own label "Baron Inc". As a dj, he's concentrating on doing Source-related nights all over the world, as well as representing at the Advanced tour alongside Total Science and Darrell from Invaderz. So, don't miss this edition off planet jungle!

Line up:
Baron (Outbreak, Commercial Suicide, Advanced, CIA, Renegade Hardware, UK)
Roly (Planet Jungle, NL)
Kneppah (Planet Jungle, NL)
Johhny (Apocalypse, NL)
HOSTED BY: MC Proskript (Major League, winner best MC 2003, NL)

Start 21:00
4 reservation call +31475-333976
or e-mail: info@Azijnfabriek.nl


Zwartbroekstraat 17
(5 min. walk from the trainstation)
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