Jun 13, 2007
KRISIS back in Bournemouth for our first Bank Holiday event !! Yes, One Nation is on the Friday, but if you cant afford it, cant get a ticket, or the credit crunch really is getting to you, then we will keep your wallet intact !!!



DJ SLY (Shadow Demon Coalition) <<<< NEW ADDITION !!!
DJ PLEASURE (Low Down Deep / Co-Lab / Music Hertz)
RUTHLESS KOMBINATION (G13 Records / Class A / Second City)
DOSE (Crooked Beatz / Promo Audio)
MX (KrisisDnB / K-Beatz)
TAYLOR (KrisisDnB)
FOXY (KrisisDnB)

MCs RHYMES, TT ACE, FRISKO, LOGIC, DOUBLE L, Shakey, Stamma, Funatic, Kiron B, Kassa, Pathos

DJ PLEASURE and DJ SLY have been at the top of the DnB scene for the last few years now and are guaranteed to unleash some of there unmistakable filthy tunes to the ravers of Bournemouth !!

RUTHLESS KOMBINATION (PROPA G, ROWNEY, FRISKO, LOGIC and KRONIC). Manchesters very best in truly filthy jump-up DnB. G13 Records is owned by Propa G and with Rowney in support it has taken jump-up as we know it and torn up the rule books and injected the next level into what was becoming a slightly stale market. With sets every week at some of the biggest events in the country they are proof that hard work really has its rewards. KRISISDnB is very proud to have Ruthless Kombo as resident DJs (and MCs) on the station and its a tru pleasure to have you back down south for this event.

TWISTED INDIVIDUAL.... needs no introduction!! Simply one of the pioneers in the DnB scene who has been releasing sick tunes for as long as many a raver can remember. He is the reason why so many people around the world got into Drum and Bass. Not slowing down his release schedule he is still at the top of his game and smashes every event he plays at. KRISISDnB is honoured to have such a star as a RESIDENT DJ at our events. Bringing the very best from Grid Recordings with him we will be having more of the Grid Recordings camp down in the coming months.

DJ DOSE will be back once again to tear it up with his forthcoming releases which will be in the shops every month for the next 2 years with the amount of labels this hugely talented producer and DJ is signed to.

TT ACE is Twisted Individual's MC and to be approved by one of the best on the business means you know the bars will be flowing !

Once again we have MC RHYMES back for more after a class set with Twisted last time and then a race to get to The Brixton Mass on the same night. Rhymes is a solid performer, is a regular on DNBA-TV and one of the scenes hottest properties so were very happy to be able to get him back once again in his busy schedule.

Oh... and its my birthday event (MX that is). So finally i get to play a set on one of my events !!! With drinks promos at the bar then no excuse for not buying me a beer (after my set please)

DJ TAYLOR, DJ PROJEKT and DJ FOXY from KRISISDnB stepping up to the wheels of steel for what completes a class lineup of the very best DJs around.

Alongside TT Ace and Rhymes we bring some guests from the South West. MC FUNATIC repping Bristol is a class MC to watch out for in the future. If you have listened to the management shows on KRISISDnB you will have heard MC KIRON B a few times in the last month, and if not then your missing out on an mc talent that is putting his home town Yeovil on the map!! DOUBLE L needs no introduction to the Bournemouth crew. A Destiny resident for many years now and will always leave you wanting more!

After proving they can both perform with the stars MC SHAKEY and MC STAMMA are back!! Both of them performed class sets alongside DJ Manga last time around and the partnership between them is developing well so expect to see a lot more from them in coming events.

Completing the MC lineup are MC PATHOS and MC KASSA from Portsmouth. 2 MCs that stand out from the crowd in the best possible way with lyrical flows and an energy that will blow you away this is there chance to shine on a huge stage.

You want freebies and something to remember the night with??

G13 Records will be bringing some exclusive mix cds for the first people there so dont miss out !!

Twisted Individual will have a limited stock of tshirts for sale for a small price and if were very lucky we will get them autographed by the legend himself !!

Yes thats right, they are back !!! We sold out before our first event in Bournemouth but you will be able to pick up yours this time. Hopefully we will have a few to help you remember the night.

I wont claim i came up with this idea myself (Big ups the Dubnium crew !!) but as its a Bank Holiday weekend then its the perfect opportunity for the rain to fuck it up, but we will give it a go and if its pleasant weather then we will have the barbeque going as well. There will be vegetarian optons as well.

Did i mention that its ONLY £5 ENTRY before 11pm !!! It will be more later and the barbeque will be cold by then so get up to Empire Club after a day on the beach (please be sunny and warm!!).

We will do discounts for groups coming if we know in advance so please email your name and number of people coming (approximate) to admin@krisisdnb.com

K-LIST MEMBERS ENTRY PRICE I JUST £3 BEFORE 11PM and you will get a text to your phones before the event to show on the door for your reduced entry price.

We are once agan giving out a limited number of free K-LIST cards at this event for the first people there which will get you discounts for future events.

Well my fingers hurt now but I think that it !!! HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE !!!

Location of Empire Club :


Empire Club
24-26 Holdenhurst Road


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