23 Feb, 2007 - The Pond - Datcyde and Kid Kaos

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    The Pond is a weekly Drum and Bass radio show heard Friday nights @ 7pm EST (GMT -5) on jungletrain.net.
    Stepping up inside this week is none other than Datcyde himself. It is a great pleasure to welcome DJ Kid Kaos into mix as well.

    Datcyde first stepped into the NYC jungle scene in 1995. He is known for long, tight mixing and playing original/unreleased music which includes some of his own works.
    Check out www.taciturnrecords.com for more...

    DJ Kid Kaos
    DJ Kid Kaos was quick to pick up DJ'ing and production at the early age of 12. This dood is gonna take you all the way back to the old school vibes of jungle and then some.

    Click to watch/listen...
    not broadband
    stereo audio + video

    Check the following links for software to watch the video stream...
    Windows, OS X, or *nix

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