23 Driven AM Mixes: Random Movement, Nookie, Mixmaster Doc..

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    Driven AM is currently hosting the following mixes from artists and friends of the Driven AM roster:

    Driven AM Artist Mixes:

    Bachelors of Science
    Scientific Elements - 2008 Mix
    Breakbeat Arena Podcast 2008
    Live at Phuturo, San Francisco June 2006

    Live @ Direct Drive 2005

    Dave Shichman
    Live @ Dream, NYC February 15th 2008
    The First Day of Spring - 2007 Mix
    Something Beautiful - April 2007 Mix
    The Melodic Dancefloor - August 2006 Mix
    Summer Goes Melodic - 2005 Mix

    Dj Seen
    Dance Sucka Move Sucka!! September 2006 Mix

    DJ Strife
    A Tale of Two Cities – May 2007 with MC Fokus
    Live @ Intrigue, Bristol October 19th 2007
    Live @ Camouflage, NYC February 13th 2007
    Spiral Staircase – 2006 Mix
    Live on Bassdrive, May 26th 2007 (alongside Dave Shichman)

    Mixmaster Doc
    April 2008 Mix
    September 2007 Mix
    4:20:07 Mix

    Live in Bochum Germany on the Beyond Blue Album Tour w/ MC Five Alive - Part 1
    Live in Bochum Germany on the Beyond Blue Album Tour w/ MC Five Alive - Part 2
    April 5th 2007 Mix

    Random Movement
    Live on Bassdrive – April 24th 2008
    Live @ The Melody Inn – October 2nd 2007

    Guest Mixes:
    Dj Odi
    Human Traffic
    Dj Trixx
    FWD Recordings Present: The Mars Mix by DJ Trixx - June 2008

    Live @ Direct Drive NYC:
    Dave Shichman - January 15th 2005
    Eshin – March 10th 2007
    Datcyde - 2005

    Live Video:
    Dj Strife live @ Direct Drive December 30th 2006

    Driven AM is a New York City based Artist Management and Promotion Company representing some of the best Producers and DJ's in the United States Drum and Bass scene as well as a few select UK artist. While not limited to one style, Driven AM artist are at the front of the US DnB scene, pushing DEEP music. Part soulful, melodic, funky, liquid, and especially dance floor oriented.

    To book an artist on the Driven AM roster contact:
    Dave Shichman
    Aim: Driven AM NYC

    Driven AM roster:
    Bachelors of Science, Datcyde, Dave Shichman, Dj Seen, Dj Seoul, Random Movement, Dj Strife, Mixmaster Doc, Nookie, Raw Q