Drum & Bass 21 Century Ballet - Cracked Light (Classical style drum and bass)

Discussion in 'New Talent & Track Reviews' started by Cracked Light, Nov 23, 2011.

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    Great musical work. Consider subtractive EQ'ing. Basically the problem is that the drums don't cut through the mix. This can be solved a variety of ways. Personally I think that you could get a really fat sound with harsh side chain compression triggered by the kick and snare. This is a situation where the not-so-subtle "pumping" sound would be very enjoyable, IMO.

    You may consider carefully giving more treble to the drums as the punch of the kick does seem to cut through somewhat.

    Think of the bassline as a separate instrument from the harmonies - in this way you can scoop out the mid-lows 100-300Hz a bit and still have the earth shaking bass that you'll likely want.

    Anyways, it's an awesome track - I wouldn't usually say this, but don't leave it as it is - come back at some point and make it "more dnb" cause it's a sound that could really take you places. As a DJ I wouldn't play this out because it doesn't have a sound that most dancefloors will appreciate.

    - J.P.

    P.S. You can insert a soundcloud widget into the page so that people have an easier time listening:
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    Interesting man, and very unique. Very unique! Not sure if I have ever heard anything like this before in fact. Through the speakers I am listening through now, which are probably similar to ones of your average listener, I am only just getting the drum break. I would certainly say that you need to bring it up! Apart from that I think its a rather interesing peice of work, well done :)