21-05 PRSPCT XL3: Tech Itch, Dom&Roland, BSE, Corrupt Souls, Counterstrike and more..

Saturday the 21st of may we are celebrating our 3 year aniversary in Nighttown-Rotterdam, Holland.
For this special night we proudly present:

Main Room:
Dom & Roland (moving shadow) UK
Technical Itch (penetration, tech itch recordings) UK
Black Sun Empire (BSE recordings, obsessions) NL
Counterstrike (outbreak, moving shadow) South Africa
Corrupt Souls/ Impulse (moving shadow, subtitles) USA
Thrasher (prspct)
CB (prspct)

Breakcore Room:
Enduser (outbreak, sonic terror) USA
Shitmat (planet mu) UK
Bong Ra (clash, super trax) NL
FFF (sprengstoff, koolpot) NL
Dreazz (Citrus, Piruh) NL (oldschool junge set)

DJ Neurotica USA
Th" Acquisition NL
Rekzr NL
Kevster NL

The party kicks off at 22.00 and ends at 06.00
Damage: 14,- euro's

for presale adresses etc.. check www.prspct.nl or www.nighttown.nl

Hope to see you guys on the 21st of may! Even if your from the USA!!!