Label 2013 Cymbalism Relaunch : ATTN Producers

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    2013 Cymbalism Relaunch : ATTN Producers
    a new year is coming and it's been far too long since i have done anything with the label so it's's been a few years since my business partner shawn patrick passed away and i've finally pulled things together and have my focus back so to any and all producers, i'm reaching out for your submissions.

    i have been talking with a few heavy hitters in the scene about relaunching cymbalism in 2013 and i feel confident in my idea to make it happen - however, i want to run the label as a total NON-PROFIT label for me, i want nothing from it at all, just the ability to put out great music - anything and everything i sign the producer will have rights to payments from the distribution i'm working on securing at the moment. in no way will any monies be turned over to me - just you, the producer.

    my old distribution compnay, nu urban, went under and i'm in the process of negotiating new distribution for both limited runs of vinyl (300 units) as well as full digital distribution but i need to have some serious music available to show them i mean business. the last three releases we did in 2008 were from Excision (CYMBSTEP002), Raiden (CYMBLTD08) and Zardonic (CYMB011) so we were on the path to some really great future releases - however with shawn passing on and myself suffering from some health issues everything went on hold.

    i'm looking for both new artists and already established producers, drum n bass, dubstep or electro/complextro - so if you want to make some extra cash and get some tunes out, hit me up on aim: kaossnsmm or shoot me a message on facebook in my profile.

    i really hope to see some great music come thru so i can start getting the ball rolling for the new year.

    thanks to everyone for their support from 2003 - hopefully 10 years later i can bring it back the way shawn and i planned.