Drum & Bass 2012 Jump Up/Neuro/Liquid Mix


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2012 Jump Up/Neuro/Liquid Mix (3 Decks)

Did this mix for dnba blog but thought some of you might enjoy this :cool:


Arp Xp - Surrealism
State of Mind - Spastic Audio
Justin Martin - Ghettos & Gardens (Bachelors of Science Rmx)
Pleasure - Espanol
Matrix & Futurebound - Move On (feat. cat Knight)
Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In (Skrillex Goin' hard mix)
Excision - Deviance
Tantrum Desire - Get With It
Camo & Krooked - Run Riot (Sub Zero Rmx)
Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound (Instrumental)
Rene LaVice - Dank
Konichi - Helense
Ulterior Motic & FD - Drum Circle
Decimal Bass & Version - Again
Need For Mirrors - Vimana
Decimal Bass - Day After Day
Caspa feat. Keith - War (Hazard Rmx)
Mampi Swift - Gangster
Aluna George - Your Drums, Your Love (The Prototypes Rmx)
Break - Love So True
Survial & Break - Stano
Skism - Red Heat (TC Remix)
Majistrate & Logan D - Car Jackin
Survival - The Year 2133 VIP
Arp Xp - Something Wrong
June Miller - Turning Point
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Gave this a listen as didnt recognise a few of the tracks, great intro, really liked what you did around Espanol, was this a 3 deck mix ?
should put it in the title man, might get more people wanting to check it out, the way Elevate this Sound came in was sick, not really played with the instrumental yet, Helense >> Drum Circle was bangin, loving Konichi's sound, after that was just raving !! wasnt sure about the bit after Gangsta but still good stuff


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Yeah it was a 3 deck mix. I was going to put the original Elevate the Sound in but the vocals just didn't sit right with the rest of the mix. Espanol to Move On is my favourite part, the way the flute sounds over the intro to Move On gave me a semi when I first mixed it lol. Used a fair few of tunes my mate had so didn't realise about Gangster! Well gutted about that. Thanks for the feedback, will change the thread title. Glad you enjoyed it :)