2009 Nevada Hempfest **FREE** 5 DAY FESTIVAL


Las Vegas Ragga Junglist
I know alot of you might not beable to make it but I am posting this if some of you are in Nevada you might wanna hit this up...

Some Artists Subject To Change!

Our 2009 Nevada Hempfest is scheduled for April 15th through April 20th. Admission is FREE! Vendors Are FREE! All Vendors will still need to contact us to be put on the list. Food Vendors will be the exception for FREE VENDING!

This will be at our 165 acre Nevada N Ranch in Eureka County

The NEVADA NORML website is http://www.nevadanorml.org and my email is meliusr@hotmail.com

April 15-20

Hosted by the Wedonegro Himself
w/ Special co-host Miss High Times '06



(food vendors charged 10% of sales plus provide your own generator... all other vending is FREE) All vendors must register in advance!

SPONSORSHIPS Now Available! Your company banner hung on stage starting at $100!

The ranch is secluded and remote.. we would encourage you to bring an rv if you want to be comfortable.
Porta potties and water will be available. NO showers (we are considering adding outdoor showers)
There is one hotel (limited rooms) in Crescent Valley.. the next closest hotels are 45 miles away in Battle Mountain.
No firewood available in the vincinity.. byo

Where exactly is the venue: Approx 2 hrs from Reno.. on our private ranch in Eureka County, NV (EXACT DIRECTIONS TO BE RELEASED WHEN DATE IS CLOSER)

How many people do you anticipate to be there? We expect a few thousand people over the course of the entire event.. Friday and Saturday will of course be the biggest days

Is it covered so winter weather in N. Nevada can't sabotage it? We suggest you bring an rv if you're able just in case of cold weather.. it is April after all.. The daytime avg highs are in the upper 60's and the nighttime avg lows are mid 30's for that week of April... the chance of precipitation is .78" for the entire month of April. RV referrals can be found Here.

Also, concerning the campgrounds, are there any indoor buildings or mass tents set up?

What is the ground like for camping and/or driving an rv in? rustic camping.. no "buildings" . the ground is hard packed

What about water and waste? You CANNOT dump anything; what water and wastewater storage tanks you bring in you must take out! Dumpsters will be provided but they will fill up quick so please be as conservative and conscious about use as much as possible.

Recycling? Compost? Recycling and composting are encouraged! We will have an area for recyclable materials as well as a compost heap on the property. Please use these resources if and when possible.

Water bottles Vs. free water-stations? There will be bottled water for sale at the event. There will also be non-potable water tanks which will be used primarily for possible outdoor shower facilities. DO NOT drink or cook from these water tanks.

Will there be alcohol sales? NO.. we do not tell you not to byo but remember this is a peaceful environment and if there are any alcohol related problems due to overuse or abuse you will be removed from the festival.

If you have any other questions we haven't answered here don't hesitate to ask! beth@nevadanorml.org

What to remember when considering an RV

You CANNOT hook up or dump anything; what you bring in you must take out.
Make sure the gray and black water holding tanks are big enough for the amount of time you will spend on the ranch.
Check with your car insurance company to see if you are covered to rent an RV. Most companies do offer extra insurance, but if you know you are covered, you could consider foregoing coverage. One thing to keep in mind is whether or not your insurance company will cover cleaning fees, which will be mighty high if there is a rainstorm and the inside of your RV is covered in mud.
You may NOT, repeat, YOU MAY NOT dump gray anywhere near or on the ranch. It's bad karma if you do, and a potential health hazard. And BLM will fine you if you dump on the surrounding BLM land.
The Generator

One of the nicest things about your RV is the generator. If you have a more modern RV, chances are the generator is behind the driver's seat and is one of the quietest ones. An Onan generator is, by far, the top-of-the-line generator for low sound emissions.

Use your generator on a daily basis for at least 1 hr. If you don't run it once a day, you will take the chance that your battery will run out and you won't be able to start the RV when you have to go home.
Invest in/borrow a power inverter. During the time you run your generator, attach this power converter to the battery to turn DC to AC. When you turn it off, you can still use the inverter to power the stereo, lights, etc. (The size of the inverter determines how long it gives energy.) In this case, bigger is better.
Don't leave your generator on for long periods of time - you don't want to waste gas unnecessarily. Besides, most RV rental places actually charge you for generator time. Usually they allow up to 3 hours of free generator time, and charge a minimal fee after that.
The sink, toilet and shower

You have a finite supply of water. You need to be more aware of water usage than you may be at home. Your water mileage will vary with the number of people sharing the RV. You will NOT be able to fill your water tanks with our water supply.

Don't leave the water running while washing your dishes or yourself. Think frugal. Most RVs have a bigger fresh water tank than gray water tank, and if you let the water run, you will fill the gray water tank.

Do I need to discuss the toilet situation?

Even though we had a toilet, we would still alternate with the porta potties. You should only use one-ply RV toilet paper with your RV toilet - otherwise you may experience problems.

You are encouraged to bring a recreational vehicle. Be aware, however, that there is no dumping station on-site, and there is no nearby location for dumping either.

U-Haul Co
(775) 635-5418 674 N 2nd St
Battle Mountain, NV Map

U-Haul Co
(775) 754-6656 901 Fir St
Carlin, NV Map

U-Haul Co
(775) 623-5155 4200 1/2 Grass Valley Rd
Winnemucca, NV Map

U-Haul Co
(775) 625-1985 3395 T Quarter Circle Rd
Winnemucca, NV Map

Reno RV Rental Companies (Reno is approximately 2 hrs from the ranch)

Boomtown Hotel-Casino RV Campground
I-80 at Boomtown - 775-345-6500 - Verdi - (map)

Gold Ranch
I-80 at Gold Ranch - 775-345-8880 - Verdi - (map)

Keystone RV Park
1455 W 4th St - 775-324-5000 - (Keystone Ave.)

Greyhound Bus Lines
155 Stevenson St - 775-322-2970 - 775-322-7056 - (Keystone Ave.)

Western Village
815 Nichols Blvd. - 775-331-1019 - (East McCarran & Prater Way)

Sparks Marina
1200 E Lincoln Way - 775-851-8888 - (East McCarran & Prater Way)

Victorian RV
205 Nichols (off McCarran) - 775-356-6400 - (East McCarran & Prater Way)

Grand Sierra Resort (Reno Hilton) and KOA RV-Campground
2500 E. 2nd - 775-789-2129 - (Grand Sierra Resort)

River’s Edge RV Park
1405 S. Rock - 775-358-8533 - 800-621-4792 - (Grand Sierra Resort)

El Monte/Budget RV and Truck Rentals
85 Gentry Way - 888-337-2214 - (Plumb Lane) - (Moana)

Burning Man's referrals for rv's (found at http://www.burningman.com/preparation/event_survival/rvs.html)

Adventure Touring RV Rentals
Bates RV of The Inland Empire
Open 24/7-Delivery and Pick up anywhere in the country
Welcomes ALL Burning Man Renters
Unlimited RV Supply
Office: (760) 946-5834
Alt. #'s (760) 927-0909 or (760) 885-2233
Fax: (760) 946-0265
E-Mail: Batesrvrentals@yahoo.com
Classic Adventures RV Rentals
2802 Kietzke Lane Reno, NV 89502
telephone: 775.825.1200
fax: 775.825.2068
toll free: 866.825.8141
Cruise America
Toll Free: 1-888-438-7844 x 7890
Direct Line: 214-466-7890
Email: ahelm@getrv.com
El Monte
This organization really likes to rent to Burning Man participants
Family RV
Catering to Burning Man renters!
2828 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 95111
Email: info@familyrv.com
Sierra RV
We've been doing business with these guys for years
9125 South Virginia St. Reno NV 89511
1-800-972-8760 • (775)324-0522
U Haul
They do not like to rent to Burning Man participants
USA RV Rentals
Toll Free: 1-866-814-0253
UK & Germany 00-800-4267-4267