2004 stuff, you might know it!!

Firstly, there's no clip - only the description!
Probably released in first half '04, sort of liquid/a bit of a jungle i suppose.
Nice beat, kicks off with a sort of "percussions"-beat minimal for few rounds, than the main beat jumps in (and a "flange" melody/bass line in the background), than - no specific vocals (just occasional female chant + some sigh/moan on some sort of vocoder/effect) (she was saying something, it would always make me hear "steady ground" (or something like this))
than there was a "break", classic 4-3-2-1 elevation, and than full beat+the rest.

intro reminds very much sounds like "Logistics - Replay"
and also "XRS - Return To Paradise"

Any, any suggestions are very welcome and appreciated.
Thanks for your patience and efforts.
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