200 bad boys for sale/ all MP3'd up

right peeps - no job for 4mths has left me dry to say the least, so I've stuck ALL my gems on the bay - this aint the usually clearout of rubbish.


There are all the jungle classics like licence, licence remix, Valley of the shadows remix, Funkindemup orig/remix, warning, foul play remix of renegade snares, circles, information centre double pack, MASH DEM DOWN VIP, SUAD B*stards, The VIP (b2b) plus some aphrodite and no u turn stuff

Theres plenty of 93 Darkside/early jungle stuff mixed in with the hardcore too.

The hardcore is cream of the crop too - tango project, the Jaws tune (educ2), spirit of space, foul play vol 2, madness, chromtic, southey woods etc

any Q's feel free to ask