Drum & Bass 20 Years Of Ram Records - A Look Back, A Step Further (2xCD mixtape)


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Allright guys, time has come to unleash this project of mine I've been working on last 2 months or so.

I had a really hard time to pull this off, each mix went through several re-recording attempts and then I chose the best sounding option (which are still containing a few slips or sound issues, but I hope it won't spoil the enjoyment). In the end I've decided to go for 2 separate mixtapes (2xCD), each of them built upon 45 tunes from the back catalogues of Ram Records, Frequency and ProgRAM (I felt some of these should be included as they represent the history and the evolution of the whole RAM family).

First mixtape is more focused around the older tunes and tries to bring back the original RAM sound, still there are a few recent tunes to round up the whole thing. Second mixtape is naturally the opposite matter, focused around more recent output with a few classics here and there. Even though there's 90 tunes in there, it was freaking hell of a job to choose what should I include and what should I leave out and I'm sure you'll agree that there's still a lot of tunes missing, but it had to be done. I've also wanted to include at least one tune from every artist signed to the label, so that's the answer for anyone asking why the hell is that shit there while this gem isn't :teeth:

Last but not least I'd like to thank all of the forum folks who helped me out with their TL suggestions, my mates who did the same, Markus for taking a first listen, my brother for doing the artwork and special shout to my beloved mate HAB, who perfected the artwork and did the slowly revealing stuff for me, much appreciated!

So brace yourselves, the streaming/download links are coming over the weekend! Here's the tracklist:


A Look Back (Part 1)


A Step Further (Part 2)

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cool stuff man. certainly an ambitious project, looking forward to seeing how you went about it. no doubt it'll be wicked as per.